I’m not sure if you are a fan of the Canadian Tour Operator / Air Transportation / Destination Services Company known as Air Transat yet but I’m here to tell you, especially if you are Canadian, you probably should be.

They were the ones that had the “Vacationer Wanted” position that Kate McKenna won last year and was then paid to travel the world for them for a whole year. You might remember them from the various interviews I did with Kate and even from my own submission video.

They are now up to another very exciting thing. Not only are they celebrating their 25th anniversary in 2012 but they also just recently hit 100,000 fans on their Facebook Page and well, I’m here to bring you some exciting news.

“It took a lot of “likes” to get to 100,000 fans and we are extremely grateful for every single one,” says Joseph Adamo, Vice-President Marketing, Transat Tours Canada. “To show our Air Transat fans just how much we “like” them back, we are thrilled to launch a series of fun and exciting holiday giveaways.”

Who doesn’t like a great giveaway and notice he said giveawayS with an “S”!

Now I’m sure you are thinking, whats new? Companies are always trying to get more likes and running campaigns like this to become more popular. Why are they different?

They are different for a very awesome reason I think. Leading up to having 100,000 likes they paid attention to their Facebook Page closely, monitoring it and searched for their number 1 fan. The person who was most active on their Facebook page. The cool bit is they did this without telling anyone. Typically you see a company say “Hey! We are almost at 100,000 Likes, come like us and you could win!” Which gives them lots of new “likes” yes, but not necessarily true fans, but instead people who want to just win a free trip.

Dan Schlachter from Burlington, Ontario, was that official “Super Fan”. To thank him for his ongoing loyalty and support for AirTransat they not only surprised him and awarded him a trip to London that includes a seven-night stay at the Hotel Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, a seven-day London Travelcard, an Energy London Eye Champagne “flight”, roundtrip flights and more provided by Transat Holidays, but they also asked if they could surprise his wife with the win and they filmed it! Watch the video below.

How fun is that?!

And that my friend is just the tip of the Iceberg. Watch the video above, share it with your friends and then head on over to AirTransats Facebook page www.Facebook.com/AirTransat LIKE the page, become a fan and then maybe you too will be celebrating a win just like Dan and his family.

They haven’t said just yet what those prizes will be, but I bet they will be pretty awesome, stay tuned to Travel Yourself and I’ll share them when I can, but remember they don’t know you want to win unless you “like” them first.



This post was sponsored by AirTransat however as always all views expressed are my own and are my honest opinions.