This summer I am hoping to spend 60 days in the Caribbean, staying on the island of Tobago in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. However I am not planning to do this on my own. I am hoping to win the job of Island Connoisseur.

As the Island Connoisseur I would live on Tobago and explore everything it has to offer. From tasty food and cocktails to Stand Up paddle boarding, snorkelling, taking in the night life and so much more, all while posting it on my blog and social media channels to share the island with the world.

To make the top 10 in the job competition I need to create a 30second video explaining why I would be the best one for the job:


I also need to create a Bio for myself (I guess this is the part where I start talking in third person):

Short version:

Cailin O’Neil has been the host of the travel web series “Travel Yourself” since early 2009 and currently travels the world hosting, filming, editing and producing the whole series herself on When not on camera she is also a food, travel and video blogger, a sommelier in training, a freelance writer, and works as a freelancer in the Film and TV Industry in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Long version:

After majoring in film at NSCAD University Cailin began a career in the Film and TV industry. With spare time in between film gigs she began traveling, and filming her travels and she soon began to realize that she wanted her own travel TV show.

In the summer of 2009 she traveled to Spain with a friend who was a camera man and they filmed the first episode of Travel Yourself. From there Cailin started her blog as well as her various social media channels to promote herself to the world.

Cailin is now living the life of her dreams being a full time blogger and freelance writer and is also in the beginning stages of become a certified Wine Sommelier.

Cailin also loves animals and has trekked to see wild Orangutans and Proboscis Monkeys in the jungles of Borneo, she has been scared for her life visiting the Komodo Dragons on Komodo Island, Indonesia, she has cuddled as many baby sloths as possible in Costa Rica, has volunteered on a game reserve in South Africa, and has swam with Whale Sharks and Great White Sharks.

I also think my site Travel Yourself stands as a pretty good bio for the work I am capable of and more.

lion roar 8A

I’m a fierce competitor just like this lion I photographed in South Africa.

Here are some of my favourite/ best photography posts:

Dubrovnik, Croatia, as seen through Instagram PhotosDining in Israel with Uri BuriIndonesia as seen through Instagram Photos, The People of Jordan, Visiting Petra in Jordan

Favourite / best videos:

2013 Travel Yourself Year in Review Video, Visiting Israel in a Minute, A Trip Onboard the Blue Train in South Africa,  Facts About Sloths!

Favourite / best writing:

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My blogging, photography, and videos reach a wide audience on social media:

Twitter @travelyourself + @cailinoneil = 28,000 followers

Facebook 3,930 likes

Instagram 1,462 followers

Pinterest 1,532 followers

YouTube 2,016 Subscribers 733,173 video views

Google Plus 342,500

(stats updated as of 5:30pm EST April 4th, 2014)

Reasons I want this job – I have never been to Trinidad and Tobago, I love promoting awesome destinations and brands, this job pays way better than my regular and random freelancing jobs, I need a tan, social media is my life, who wouldn’t want this job?

I hope I have highlighted enough positive reasons to have the judges select me for the top 10 in the search for the Tobago Island Connoisseur and fingers crossed I win the job!