A view of Ventus at Marina El Cid from above - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

When you take a vacation down south to a destination like Mexico and the Caribbean there are a few key elements that you are looking for your hotel to have. Lots of beautiful pools, located on the beach, with delicious food and drinks. After having spent a few nights at the brand new Ventus at Marina El Cid I can tell you that it has everything you need and more.

Located on the Yucatan Peninsula directly in between Cancun and Playa del Carmen on the Caribbean sea it is truly a stunning property. Since it is brand new it is really fresh and modern and parts of it are architecturally stunning. In my previous experience visiting all inclusive resorts down south they are often mass produced and just kind of blah. Nothing to write home about, but that definitely wasn’t the case with Ventus.

unique design in the hotel lobby - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Even the planters in the lobby were pretty

Since I was visiting the very first week it opened just by chance we happened to meet the architect and designer of the property. I got to learn from them about some of their inspirations and how they put the property together. From the buildings to the very last detail like the marble tables that were chosen to be in the lobby bar. They used local Mexican made products as often as possible and tied in not only ocean elements into the property but also a bit of history. One of the restaurants was a French restaurant called Ile de France and was inspired by a French ship of the same name that had visited the area long ago.

platinum service ammenities at Ventus - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

A list of some of the included platinum services 

Extra Service

While staying at the Ventus I had platinum service which is the highest service the property offers. Not only did I have an all inclusive experience like the rest of the guests but I had a few bonuses on top of that as well. The platinum service includes having your own personal butler, a pillow and aromas menu for your room and gives you one of the best rooms on the property.

popcorn and microwave platinum service - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Pretty excited about the popcorn!

The butler service was so great that they often appeared out of no where just to check on me and to see if I had any requests. One day I asked for popcorn and instead of just a bag of Smartpop in my room I came back to a microwave and 4 bags of microwave popcorn. A whole entire microwave magically appeared!

The butler service also offered us golf cart rides around the entire property. This was especially great when we had to get to the marina for a boat tour and also when there was a torrential down pour.

comfy bed with aroma and pillow menu - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

The Rooms

My room was located in building number 25. It was a large room that was very clean looking and modern. It featured two double sinks just outside of the bathroom where you would of course find the toilet and stand up shower. Next to the sinks there were many toiletries available, everything from typical soaps and lotions to SPF and even a bug repellent lotion. It also included a loofa, extra toothbrush, toothpaste and more.

dining area with large screen tv - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

My bed was large and comfortable, and I think I might have even been the first one to have ever slept in it. That was a bonus. The TV in the room was without a doubt the largest flat screen TV that I have ever seen in a hotel room. There was also a dining area where my butler had left me fresh fruits and a nice bottle of wine as well as some flowers. Next to the table was a couch and behind it was a Murphy bed in the wall which you could pull down if there were extra guests staying with you. Much better than a pull out couch.

sunset over the semi private pool - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Sunset over my semi-private pool in front of my room

My favourite part of my room however was of course the view and balcony/patio. As soon as you stepped outside of the room there was a hammock to relax in, two lounge chairs, a beautiful view over the entire property AND my very own semi-private pool. That’s right, right outside of my patio door were steps directly into my own pool. I only had to share it with a few other neighbours staying on the same floor as me.

enjoying a fresh coconut in my semi private pool - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Enjoying a fresh coconut in my semi-private pool

The pool snaked along the front of the building and looked out over the entire property. It was a great place to relax in some privacy but also to do some proper swimming if you wanted. The old guy a few doors down from me enjoyed it a bit too much though I think. He kept getting in my pictures and waving at me. Having your own private pool might be the best, but this was definitely still pretty awesome to have.

being an angel floating in the large main pool at Ventus - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Floating like an angel in the hotel’s main pool

enjoying the main pool at Ventus - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

The Pools

Aside from my own pool there are also two other pools meant for the whole property and one other semi-private pool like mine. To relax there is also two large hot tubs / jacuzzis on property as well as the ocean just a few steps away.

The main pool in the middle of the property was definitely the largest hotel pool that I have ever seen. 3,675 sq feet! It featured a couple waterfalls, bridges to swim under and a shallow kids area. There was even an area for lounge chairs to sit in the pool so you can relax while being in the water. This pool was also full service for drinks, but no food is allowed by the pool.

hot tub jacuzzis and infinity pool at Ventus - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

The adults only area with an infinity pool and two jacuzzis overlooking the beach

Near the beach is where you can find the other pool which is an infinity pool looking over the beach. The two large hot tubs are located on either side of the infinity pool and this whole area is for adults only.  They are also located next to the main bar with chair/pool service. Near this pool you will also find a platinum lounge for platinum members where they can go to use the internet, get snacks and find premium alcohol.

enjoy a private massage in a cabana on the beach - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

You can also enjoy a massage on the beach!

Other Amenities

The Ventus is located adjoining an older El Cid property called the “Hotel Marina El Cid“. Hotel guests of each property are welcome to enjoy the amenities at both. At the moment the Ventus does not have a gym or spa but guests are able to use the facilities at the Hotel Marina and they will be updated and made bigger soon. The other hotel also has a couple more pools and a few different places to eat so there are many options available while staying at either property.

the beginning of our Kukulcan Massage at marina el cid - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

While there I got to enjoy a magical Kukulcan Massage which was like nothing I had ever experienced. The spa incorporates ancient Myan rituals and had me being massaged by not one but two masseuses at once. It’s hard to describe the treatment, it involved jaguars and eagles, but it was awesome.

If you are traveling with kids the hotel also offers a baby sitting service if you want to sneak away for a private dinner. There is also a kids club for kids ages 4-12 where they can hang out and play while supervised and also do arts and crafts.

the private room in the ile de france restaurant - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

The private dining room at the Ile de France restaurant

delicious breakfast buffet at the ile de france restaurant - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

A small part of the delicious breakfast buffet


At the Ventus as mentioned before there is a French restaurant that serves delicious French cuisine at night. They also have a wonderful Sommelier at hand to help you with your wine pairings. If you are looking for something a bit stronger, the Sommelier is also a Mezcalier and can bring you some of the finest Mezcal in Mexico.

In the mornings the restaurant offers a buffet breakfast with endless options of foods. Featuring fresh pastries to meats and cheeses, all of the bacon, churros, eggs made however you like, delicious green smoothies and much more.

ceviche making class with the head chef - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Learning how to make the best ceviche from the head Chef

You can also have food at the bar just off of the lobby called the Abnia. This is where I also was able to take a ceviche making class which they will be offering to more guests coming soon.

la crepe and the wok asian cuisine - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Inside the Mercado de Dolores

tasty crepe from mercado de dolores - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

The best crepes ever with unlimited toppings

My favourite place to dine however was at the Mercado de Dolores which is essentially a huge fancy restaurant buffet. But in the best way possible. The Mercado is set up like a food court with many different food options along with a bar and cafe. They have everything from Mexican food to Italian, Asian, seafood, healthy food and even crepes. At each counter you can help yourself to the food that is already prepared or request for items to be made for you.

Once you were seated with your food a server is available to take your drink orders and help you with anything that you require further.

bucket of cookies in the Aromas cafe at the mercado de dolores - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Bucket-o-cookies in the Aromas Cafe free for the taking

I think my favourite part might have been the crepes or that I could just walk into the cafe, grab a cookie, walk out and enjoy. You have got to love an all-inclusive that knows how to do it right. I was also so impressed by the Mercado and how nice it was inside from the decor to the artwork on the walls and the quality of food. I was extremely impressed and had never seen so many great food options at an all-inclusive property before.

nighttime cultural performance - Ventus at Marina El Cid Hotel Review

Optional Activities

The hotel can also arrange other activities for you if interested with a popular option being bike rentals to bike to the nearby town of Puerto Morelos.  Kayaks and paddle boards are also available as rentals. If you prefer a boat ride the hotel can also arrange a fishing trip or snorkelling trip for you where you can snorkel on the second largest coral reef in the world.

At night time the lobby bar often features live music and there are also shows for families performed near the pool in the evenings.

Pronatours can also offer you day trips to Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum or Chichen Itza and even a trip to a beautiful cenote. However the property is so nice that you might never want to leave.

To see more about the property watch my video review here:

If you happen to be looking for a great new destination to escape to in Mexico in the winter months I highly recommend checking out the Ventus at Marina El Cid.

Thank you for El Cid Resorts for having me. As always all opinions, views and full bellies are my own.