I found this weeks Favorite Film on Vimeo when searching around in the travel video group started by Matt Stabile from The Expeditioner. If you aren’t a member yet and/or if your travel videos aren’t added to the travel group yet what are you waiting for?

This video has some pretty amazing jaw dropping cinematography going on. Made by filmmaker Emmely Van Mierlo while in Ladakh, India on a two week trek. Shot on the Canon 5D MK2 try not to drool while you watch this video. There isn’t much talking in the video as it is mostly landscape and scenery but what is spoken I believe is done in German. Not sure what they are saying, but I’m sure it doesn’t matter as the image speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoy and please send your links my way if you have a video that you would like featured on Favorite Film Friday. 🙂