Today is the first day for Travel Yourself‘s newest feature where each week we are going to feature other Travel Video Bloggers on the site.

There are many Travel Blogs out in the world these days and more and more these bloggers are turning to video to show their viewers even more of their travel experience. I might even step out on a limb and say that Travel Bloggers are huge right now and fingers crossed these Travel Vloggers ( myself included) are next.

Jeff Jung from Career Break Secrets is the first to be featured and below we ask him about how he got started making  travel videos and he gives some great tips for other people wanting to do the same and more.

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1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself, your website and what got you motivated to start traveling? How did you get the travel bug?

My first big trip was when I was 16 to Adelaide, Australia. And, then at 18, I went to South Africa for a year. So, my passion for travel has been a part of most of my life.  After working in the corporate world for a long time, I decided to leave it all behind to go explore  the world on a career break.  After that experience, I wanted to encourage other people to do the same. So, I started my site I’m now living as an expat in Bogota, Colombia.

The website is designed primarily for long-term travelers. I run a traditional blog with advice from how to leave your job to how to reenter after your trip.  We also have a lot of free videos to entertain and inspire people.  We just launched our paid travel video guide series.  It includes 18 videos from South Africa, Spain,

New Zealand, Patagonia and Colombia.  We call it the ¨most entertaining way to plan your trip.¨ Each episode covers 1 type of travel activity; volunteering, learning something new or cool ways to see the world. At the end of the episode, I give our ¨Top Secrets¨ so you have all the information you need to plan that type of travel experience.
2. Why did you decide to incorporate video into your website/blog?

As I was conceiving the concept of the blog, I started reading a lot more about what people were doing online with video. I especially liked the fact that video, when done well, can be a powerful medium to inspire people and show them what to expect when they travel. Plus, you can do amazing things with a simple handheld camera. I enjoy powerful essays and photos. But, I think we are visual people. And, video allows you to capture the sights and sounds of the location you film.  For example, take food. On a blog, you can write about a travel experience you had and with some good photos, tell a really great story.  But, with video, I can take the viewer inside the local market, into the kitchen, show the food preparation including the hearing all the familiar sizzles and sounds and capture what the final dishes look like while they are still bubbling in the cooking pots and pans.  And along the way, I can incorporate interviews with others and capture how people relate to the experience at every point along the way.  With volunteering, I can interview the volunteers, show where they live, what their day is like, capture the landscapes and their work in a way that writing or photography can’t.  Again, all three have their place on my site. But, I use each of them to communicate in different ways to communicate with my audience.

3. Aside from yourself, do you have any favourite people that make travel videos? Anyone that has inspired you or whom you just enjoy good content from?

Currently I’m really enjoying the series from Ant and Elise of PositiveWorldTravel.  They’ve got a good mix of food, adventure and interesting hotels they’ve encountered.  I’m discovering new ones all the time.  Of course, I enjoy the Travel Yourself series! 🙂

4. What has been your favourite travel video that you have made to date? and why?

From a pure entertainment perspective, I enjoy my video ¨Taming a Warthog¨, filmed in Namibia.

I also really like our 2010 Christmas video, ¨The 12 Days of Career Breaks¨ where we mixed up inspiration and entertainment by taking license with the holiday song.  It’s quite catchy!

5. Did you have any previous filmmaking experience?

No. I was a total newbie. I meant to take video while I was traveling on my career break and never really got into it.  Before going out to film for my series, I took a 4-day class through the Travel Channel. Unfortunately, it’s not offered anymore.

6. Do you have any tips for other people who are wanting to start making travel videos?

1.  Start modestly. Get a decent handheld camera and, use a simple editing program. This will let you get up to speed without spending a lot of money.  Finally, don’t worry about HD until you know what you’re doing. Especially for free video, people don’t care as much as you think.

2. Tell a story. There are too many videos where people just try to capture the moment. That works with photography, but not with video. You’ve got to give context and let people know what they are seeing and why they should care. If you can do this without being a talking head, that’s even better.

3. Don’t move the camera. This was the biggest message from my class and I couldn’t agree more. Let the motion go in and out of the frame. If you try to follow the action with your camera, you will have bad quality video.  And, if you’re filming in HD; you’ll make the  viewer motion sick.

4. Check your audio.  In too many videos, the background noise drowns out the speaker.  Better to get the footage, then add in a voiceover later if you can’t get away from the noise.  People will forgive marginal quality video easier than they will bad audio.

5. Don’t underestimate how much memory raw video footage requires. Invest in an external hard drive to store your video.

7. What equipment do you use? Camera? Editing program? Type of computer?

My camera is a Sony HVR-V1U. For editing, I use Final Cut Express. For newbies, I recommend iMovie (for mac people).  Don’t bother with FinalCut Pro unless you really are a pro.  For my computer, I have an iMac and a Macbook.

8. Vimeo or Youtube? Other?

I use YouTube for all my free videos. I like Vimeo but I find load times to be too slow. Plus, YouTube is so social, it’s easy to integrate those into my blog. Of course, if others want to embed my videos, YouTube makes it easy. I also started a channel on Tripfilms.

Thanks for the interview Jeff! Stay tuned for more interviews on Travel Yourself with other Travel Video Bloggers in the future.