by Instagram user stayinfly

I would bet that there aren’t too many people in the world who own a camera that haven’t once taken a photo of food they had just made, were about to eat or have at least thought about taking a photo of it.

Inspired by Yvonne of Just Travelous’s post about “How To Travel Around The World With Instagram” and Michael Hodson’s recent follow up post to that featuring Santorini, Greece I bring you “Instagram Food Photos“.

Now with the quality of cameras on our phones and the popularity of apps like Instagram, along with our friends thinking it less odd or becoming less annoyed by it, the world is becoming an easier place to not only share your own food photos but to also enjoy those of others. Whether you are looking for food that people are eating in Italy right now, looking for inspiration on how to decorate your cupcakes or just looking to make yourself hungry Instagram is a good place to start.

Each week I plan on featuring a different type, style, location and/or theme of food with you, so keep coming back and if you have a tasty Instragram food photo be sure to share it with us on twitter @TasteOfTravel.

by Instagram user nina_9irly

That did look tasty, but apparently didn’t last too long.

by Instagram user ckanani

I would probably would of married this sushi if it was mine.

by Instagram user chika29

But then I would of cheated on it with this Spaghetti. OMG.

by Instagram user dittolove

A delicious looking meal on the beach, I could use one of these right about now.

by Instagram user _corkey

The detail is crazy in this one, I wish smell-o-vision was already invented.

by Instagram user stongkyut

I’m not sure what kind of Chinese food this is but it should #getinmabelly !!

by Instagram user doomok

These pancakes look too perfect to eat!

by Instagram user miulaby

 Food funnies: I will now start using this one. 🙂

 Which one was your favorite? Do you use Instagram to take photos of your food?