This weeks Instagram Food Photos series comes from travel blogger/writer, photographer, The Taste of Travel contributor and iPhoneography guru Kirsten Alana. Every time I turn around Kirsten is traveling in another part of the world bouncing back and forth from New York, the current city she calls home taking photos of everything possible.

Find Kirsten and some of her awesome shots on Instagram HERE.

Each week I plan on featuring a different type, style, location and/or theme of food with you, so keep coming back and if you have a tasty Instragram food photo be sure to share it with us on twitter @TasteOfTravel.

WARNING do not continue if you are hungry…

Kirsten: “A meal and a drink I won’t soon forget.”

Taken while in Park City, Utah for the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Kirsten: “A few days removed from #CostaRica & I miss the #coffee most of all.”

Taken a few days after her last trip to Costa Rica, this shot of coffee is so simple, yet perfect, the detail and the red accents that just make it pop. For fans of coffee I am sure this is true food porn.

Kirsten: “Chocolate chip pancakes? Don’t mind if I do!”

A breakfast for kids of all ages, thats for sure.

Kirsten: “Bribe me w/ a private tent and unlimited free wine? Going to be hard to be objective about how awesome Norfolk is. “

It’s amazing the detail, focus and images you can get from a phone with a few adjustments. Yum.

Kirsten: “Who knew one could find incredible gelato in Barbados? I didn’t. But this might have been the best I’ve ever had. Made by an Italian expat. “

Hands down mint chocolate chip “anything” is the best choice every time. This makes me want to lick my computer screen.

Kirsten: “Girls Night Dinner … always pretty food & pretty table.”

I love Photo Montages/Essays like this lately, my favorite iphone app to do this with is called “PicFrame” check it out.

Kirsten: “Yes. I did eat some of that meat. Yes. It was AMAZING. “

Taken by Kirsten while traveling in Berlin and celebrating NYE 2011/2012.

Kirsten: “Blackberry & Mint Gin Cocktail – Hello Sunday Brunch! “

I wouldn’t mind having that for brunch every day myself… I hope you enjoyed this weeks series of Instagram Food Photos, come back next Monday for more.

Which one was your favorite? Do you use Instagram to take photos of your food?

 Instagram cooki photo by stayinfly