I made my first video at the age of 15, after that I took courses in high school, on the weekends during high school, I majored in Film in University and I currently work in the Film and TV industry doing freelance jobs which have seen me do everything from being an Assistant Director, Continuity person, locations, etc., to now being a Production Coordinator. Oh and on the side as you know I am a travel video blogger. I was more than thrilled when earlier this year I connected with Lisa Lubin on twitter and she told me about her eBook that she was working on. Later that June I met her in Vancouver at TBEX and now I have gladly written a review of her eBook.

Video 101” is the perfect eBook for those just beginning with video. Video 101 isn’t specifically for the travel blogger but is more geared toward a beginning videographer, but either way there is much to learn for whichever category you may fall under.

Written by 3 time Emmy award winner Lisa Lubin this is the perfect start up eBook and goes along wonderfully with her recent new site where she is a video consultant. ( www.llmedia.co ) What I like most about the way this eBook is written is the way Lisa makes you feel like she is talking to a friend. She puts a personal touch on it making it seem less like a text book. Some of my favorite tips were classics like the rule of thirds but also tips like:

“You don’t have to have a recording studio, but you need as much quiet as possible in a small, non-echoing spot (think low ceilings, carpeting, a nice closet full of clothes can work!).”

Closet! I love it, and it is so true! And on how to act in an interview:

“React subtly and quietly. You can nod with interest often instead of interjecting your own words so as not to interrupt their audio and make it harder in editing.”

So many times I have had a hard time in the edit suite because I have jumped in too quickly. This tip is key. It is also a good tip so that the person being interviewed does all the talking and you don’t “lead” them into their answers.

If you are just starting out wanting to be a video journalist then this eBook will give you the tips you wouldn’t think of, but make the most sense once you know them. Broken down into four chapters “The Story”, “The Shoot”, “Writing” and “Editing” I can’t think of anything that she has left out.

An easy read with convenient “tear sheets” that you could print out if needed to remind you of tips and tricks while shooting on the road. Lisa Lubin did a great job with this 43 page eBook that even includes a glossary of the new video terms you might be learning, to keep you on track. Oh and it looks fancy on my iPad.

Even if you think you might know everything in this eBook I found it even useful just as a refresher of things I was taught in film school. I definitely had a few of those “oh yeah!” moments and quickly made notes to try and remember for the next time I film. Like I said at the beginning this isn’t geared directly towards the travel video person like myself that shoots on the fly. There are some things I do disagree with when you factor that in because different tips just aren’t possible and I am often the one and only subject. But whoever you are if you are just beginning with video or are at least thinking about it then this eBook is definitely for you.

Download the eBook now! Click here to view more details

To wrap up the review I did a mini Q & A with Lisa. Stay tuned for a full Travel Video Blogger interview with Lisa in the future here on Travel Yourself.
1. Who is your intended audience for your eBook?

This eBook is for anyone that wants to shoot and edit their own video – even people who think they know what they are doing, but were never really trained. It gives lots of actual professional techniques and tips as well as practical advice as to what goes into making a good video.  The only people this book is not for? Trained television and film professionals with years of experience…or those who have already won an Emmy award!

2. Will there be a sequel / more advanced eBook?

The next edition of the book will include some more bonus chapters on shooting and editing equipment and some more interviews from other television and film professionals. It will likely be updated every year.

If the book is not enough for someone and they want training, I offer private consulting sessions for individual clients.

3. What is your favorite video that you have ever made to date?

Ha! I’ve been producing & directing television for 15 years, so this is very hard to answer. My favorite shoots were probably travel shows we shot in places like Cabo San Lucas, Aspen, or Montreal. One of my favorite pieces I produced and edited was a segment on the best public restrooms in Chicago. It was a fun piece to put together with great music and editing.  I am also very proud of a show I won an Emmy for on Latino Gangs in Chicago.

4. What is next for you?

There’s always something!

Next week I am hosting the very inspirational “Meet Plan Go” Chicago event that encourages people to travel long term, to take career breaks or sabbaticals.  Next month, I am speaking about video at the World Travel Market in London. Then I will head on to Portugal to do some writing and photography that can always be seen on my travel blog.

Thanks Lisa!