For La Tomatina we acquired a great great balcony to shoot from and @nomadicmatt ( ) asked us to take his video camera up with us  and this is what we shot for him. We haven´t been having the best luck with the internet here but some of our videos/pics will be up soon. If you look closely Cailin is in the crowd to the left of the people on top of the little newspaper stand/ box against the building, she is about 15 or so people over.

The La Tomatina festival was a ridculously exciting mess, one to be remebered for sure! Every person with a door on the street was selling tons of beer, sangria, under water cameras, goggles you name it  from their door way. There were huge water fights from people with hoses and buckets of water on their roof tops to people throwing water out of the aqueducts, the ham was high up on a big greasy pole and literally took 2 hours to get down and then the cannon fired. Instantly there were tomatoes everywhere, even if the trucks hadnt reached you yet they were coming from the roof tops from the locals.

We have now just arrived in Barcelona at 11pm, early morning tomorrow to check out some awesome Gaudi like the

Stayed tuned and pass it around!