I have lived in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, my whole life. Actually I’ve spent my whole life living in the same house (weird I know right? Especially being a traveler).

Carlo, Andy and I at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

I have always been very familiar with the city of Halifax where I live and being a tour guide here for 3 years in University helped me know even more about it. However I don’t think I have ever seen so much of this city and province as I have this past summer. Andy Hayes “That Travel Guy”, Carlo from “Vagabonderz” and now Candice of “Candice Does the World” have all been here visiting me and being a hospitable host, I have driven them all around this great province that I am loving more and more every day. We have stuffed timbits in our faces, enjoyed many a fancy dinner (Authentic Seacoast was my fav!), slept in some great B&Bs, raced golf carts, visited and photographed about 100 small fishing villages, watched some buskers, climbed the Dingle Tower (twice! ouch!), took the ferry, watched a Rich Aucoin concert, toured around a UNESCO World Heritage site, enjoyed some nachos, donairs, garlic fingers and drank a “few” Alexander Keith’s with the summer still not over yet. In the coming weeks I hope to also enjoy a party cruise on the harbour, go rafting on some of the biggest ocean tides in the world and drive to many a beach.

An oddly sunny, non-wavy day at Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia

While doing all of this traveling in Nova Scotia of course I have been photographing and filming along the way. Stay tuned for a 2 part Nova Scotia video coming on the site soon. However to hold you over until then please watch my video below. My unintentional attempt at making a viral video. Work this summer has also taken me traveling around the province, most recently to Fortress Louisbourg in Cape Breton, where I stumbled upon these lovely sheep. Yes I filmed some funny sheep making funny Baaa noises that somewhat sound like a man screaming. Yes I am now going to make you watch it. Please share and enjoy! :) Baaaaaaaaaaa