My Grandmother (my last surviving grandparent) passed away in November 2009 and now a few months short of a year later my family is still going through her things. This pass weekend at her house I came across some old photographs of her and my Grandfather in the early 70’s on vacation in the Barbados.

It’s interesting to look at their photos and compare them to the travel photos of today. These were obviously taken on some kind of point and shoot camera, and not an SLR. There isn’t a single self taken photo. This type of photo has spread like wildfire on the internet since facebook and the invention of the digital camera. However they are still generally the same as any photo you or I might take. They are each in them, and they are of colorful things they saw, the people that live there and the activities they did on their trip.

Had I not taken these photos that day they may have been tossed out, but as I looked through them they intrigued me and made me ask questions. Where exactly were they on their trip? Who did they meet? What did they do? How long were they gone? and more. I plan on framing these pictures now and hanging them on the wallwith my travel photos. These I think will be my new kind of antique and hopefully we will find more.

I hope you like these photos too. Let me know what you think and if you have any similar photos.

Both looking very hip in their Island wear. My awesome Grandfather – Big Eric. My lovely Grandmother – Nanny Joy

The Jolly Roger Sailboat up close – can you spot the full moon?I can only assume they too went on the Jolly Roger and a did a little partying, but those photos have yet to surface.

My mother remembers hearing stories about them meeting a local lady named BeeBee who invited them into her house and had a big party. Apparently my grandparents became good friends with her and visited her again on other trips. Maybe that is her in the photo on the left? And next to it I can only assume is taken at some kind of parade in the center of the city?

Typical beach photo. Some things never change. Like the ocean with waves crashing on a beach. As long as there is a Barbados, that will always happen there.