Best Travel Videos of 2011 Part 1

This post is continued own from my original post that I wrote on Matador Network. I have been making travel videos for a few years now and I am quite active in the Travel Video blogging world through this site, a Facebook Travel Video group I moderate and more. I really love the travel blogging and travel video blogging community so this post and my post on Matador focus not on the viral travel videos of the year but it more focuses on the best content from people who love travel video blogging just as much as I do. In my Matador post I was only able to share 11 videos but there are many more to be shared so please find the rest below in no particular order.

Let me know if you think there was a video I missed. I hope you enjoy them all.

To see my list of my own best Travel Videos of 2011 please click HERE.

1. I just learned about Duane Parera of when doing research for these posts and I loved this video of his! He traveled the world and made it a goal to find a common thing in everything place he visited. That common thing just so happened to be Coco Cola. I don’t think he was sponsored by them but if I were him I’d be contacting them ASAP!


2. Have you ever wanted to see Victoria Falls? How about seeing them from a helicopter? Follow Ben Reed of as he takes in this once in a life time experience.

3. Another cool natural wonder of the world is the Jindo Sea Parting which I had never heard of before this video from Steve of . I also like his lovely yellow boots.The whole thing is almost eerie but very cool to see and happens only twice a year.

4. I’m sure you have heard of the Banff Squirrel and know of his origins but do you know who exactly first found the picture of him and made it go viral? Kim Mance of answers that question and more as she takes on tour at the head offices for National Geographic.

5. Have you ever wanted to join the Jamaican Bobsled team? Watch Rob from as he tries out for the team in their warmer climates. Looks like a bumpy ride.

6. And now for a more relaxing moment, Austin from slows things down with a stroll through the Rodin Gardens in Paris. J’taime Paris!

7. I love that with new technology advances like the GoPro we can now bring you first person perspectives of our travels. This video might take you slightly mroe closer to Josh of than you would of liked but it gives us a great overview of his time spent at 2011’s Burning Man.

I still have more awesome videos to share, stay tuned tomorrow for the rest of the best travel videos of 2011.

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