croatia eu

Today, July 1, 2013 the country of Croatia becomes the 28th member of the EU – the European Union. Some people are excited about this and others are dreading it greatly.

While recently spending a week in Dubrovnik I talked to a bunch of people about this change. Many of the tourists that I met liked the idea of them becoming a member of the EU because now there will be easier to no boarder control when entering from another EU nation and that they don’t have to worry about using different currencies. However many of the locals I met were dreading this day. Many are worried about the cost of everything going up while the wages will stay the same. They worry about the loss of tourism and worry it might hurt their economy even more rather then help it.

From the little amount I saw of this awesome country I fell in love with it, so I hope that only good things come from them joining today and that it doesn’t become overly expensive to travel to.

Have you ever visited Croatia? What did you think of it? What are your thoughts on them joining the EU?