Favorite Film Friday #012

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With just 15 days left until the ticket sales are open for the first ever Nomading Film Festival in New York City this June 18th 2011, there is no better time to feature the original call for submission video from the awesome guys at the Nomading Film Festival.
Also I am happy/proud to announce that they have selected me to be their first ever ambassador aka “NoFFbasaddor”!! I am so excited for this film festival because not only are they celebrating awesome travel films and videos but also any one with any type of skill or equipment can submit to the festival! You have until April 30th to submit so get crackin’!

If you don’t have a video to submit that is quite alright! You can (and should) purchase a ticket on May 1st and attend this sure to be wicked Film Festival with awesome prizes to be won (like a trip to India!). The content will definitely not disappoint and not only can you enjoy some great videos, make some new friends and have a great time but you get to meet me too!

I hope to see you there! Enjoy!

Welcome to the Nomading Film Festival 2011 from Nomading Films on Vimeo.


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