Every Friday I share a favorite film of mine it might be a viral video, a travel video I found or even one of my own. If you have a video that you wanted featured on Favorite Film Friday leave a comment below or send me an email cailinoneil (@) travelyourself.ca

Today’s video is footage that I shot while on my Cross Canada Road trip with Candice Walsh a couple weeks ago. This is the straight up footage, no editing, no nothing has been done to it. It was one of the freakiest things that we have ever seen. We were driving through Shuswap, British Columbia on the way to Kamloops, we came around a corner and this crazy bright ray of light was shooting through the sky. I had been filming the whole trip up to this point so my video camera was handy and Candice and I were able to capture it on film. We are pretty sure that we witnessed a near Alien abduction that day.

Obviously it looks like a beam of light from the sun through the clouds but it was coming through the clouds at such a weird angle and there weren’t any other rays of light coming through the clouds. Within minutes it disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared. So freaky!