Finding Portland’s water fountains with my friends Chris and Tawny.

It’s Thursday night here in Australia and as I was going through my stumbles on stumble upon I came across a video called “Finding Portland. As some of you may know I visited Portland for the first time this past January when I surprised my friends with a secret visit for the Nomading Film Festival’s Winter Recess screening and I also ate too many doughnuts including one with bacon on it.

I’m not sure what I thought of Portland exactly. It didn’t seem like a city built for tourists it came across more as a city where you live. It felt very local and unique. There weren’t many big chain stores, the streets and public transport systems were clogged one night where it appeared every single person in the city was going together to cheer on one of their sports teams, there was a sense of community I suppose. The YHA Hawthorne hostel I stayed at had a very homey feeling, an example of this was my “Lion King” bed sheets, and it was probably the most eco-friendly place I’ve ever stayed in, they even recycled the rain water. Portland was different.

Lion King bedsheets FTW!

I made a video about their famous VooDoo Doughtnuts and my friends Tawny and Chris of made a video about the city being slightly weird? I left the city somewhat thinking “Well I’ve been there done, that.” and not really imagining myself rushing to visit again until tonight when I came across this weeks Favourite Film Friday video. Finding Portland.


Finding Portland from Uncage the Soul Productions on Vimeo.
Have you ever visited Portland, Oregon? What did you think of this video? I’d say it is probably one of the best tourism promotion videos I have seen of a place in a while. Beautifully shot, I love the pan of the Portland sign with the glittering lights, the music pinging just as the sun comes over the mountain peak in the distance, the speeding cars on the bridge, the time lapse of the living statue, the shot through the moon roof of the car and the people walking in the stream, oh my. I find different things I love about it each time I watch it. Well done Portland, well done.

Produced by for who say this film is “Comprised of 308, 829 photographs taken from over 50 unique locations, it took an average of 3.8 hours to make each second of this film.” Wow.

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