One thing that has been on my travel bucket list for a while is celebrating the Holi Festival in India. The Holi Festival is a religious celebration by Hindus at the beginning of each spring. Also known as the Festival of Colors during the festival participants throw coloured powder at each other to commemorate the end of winter and celebrate the colours of spring along with the burning of massive bonfires which according to legend represent a young Hindu who escaped being burned in a fire because of his devotion to the religion.

I’m not sure when I will make it to India for the Holi festival, but maybe in 2013? This weeks Favourite Film Friday is actually of a video of a Holi Festival celebration in Spanish Fork, Utah, US of all the weird places to have the celebration outside of India. However this celebration of Holi is the biggest in the Western Hemisphere. Maybe if I don’t make it to India I could at least celebrate it there, this celebration looks amazing. Watch the video and you will quickly see why my favourite part is at the 0:32sec mark. It’s so beautiful.

Have you ever been to a Holi Festival? Would you participate?