While on Safari in South Africa I discovered some tips that are good to know before going on Safari. Hopefully these Safari tips will keep you prepared for your trip and make it most enjoyable.

safari tips 02

My tracker Sammy and Guide JP at the Ngala Game Reserve

1. Hire a Guide on Safari

Even though having a guide or using a tour company is more expensive then driving on your own on Safari in my opinion it is better the way to do a Safari. The money will be well spent and I doubt you will have any regrets. Not only are they extremely knowledgeable and you can ask them a million questions but it is also much safer to be with professionals who know how to act and protect you from the wild animals. Also if you are on Safari in a place like Kruger National Park if you are driving yourself you have to stick to the paved roads which can be boring. On Safari with a tour guide you can go off-roading and see more than you might by yourself, they also know where certain animals can typically be found.

safari tips 01

My snazzy Safari outfit with Giraffe print scarf.

2. Dress the part

This is more of a fun suggestion. As soon as I knew I was going on Safari I started planning my outfit. Stick to neutral colors so you blend in and you are going to want a pair of field shoes or boots especially if you hope to do a nature walk they are a must. Most of all the other guests at the Ngala Game Reserve where I was staying were dressed the part as well and I even had a few compliments from some of the guides. Also it was just fun to have a “Safari outfit”.

safari tips 03

My sun glasses shielded me from the sun and the dust.

3. Protect yourself from the elements

While on Safari we experienced the hot sun but at times when it was cloudy or the sun had set it was actually chilly enough that we were hiding under blankets that had been provided for us and my Giraffe Scarf came into great use. We were also driving fast down dirt roads at times and our vehicle didn’t have any windows or sides to shield us from blowing dust and bugs flying at us so I would also suggest a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Depending on the time of year you might also want to bring bug spray with you. All the wind also left my lips chapped so lip gloss was a necessity and don’t forget your sunscreen!

safari tips 04

Sitting close to my tracker Sammy and Guide JP.

4. Sit close to the guide

While on safari I always sat right behind my guide not only was it then easier to hear the guide and ask them questions but honestly I also felt a lot safer. We were driving around in an open vehicle with lions, cheetahs, leopards, hyenas and other crazy animals that might like a taste of Cailin sitting closer to the guide gave me a bit of a peace of mind. It is also less bumpy closer to the guide and the front of the vehicle.

safari tips 05

I brought two cameras, two lenses and two phones to take photos! Here I am with my Nikon D5100.

5. Bring your Camera!

Obvious tip. If you are going on Safari you are going to want to bring at least one camera with you. Make sure you charge your batteries each night and bring more memory cards than you think you might need as you can always use them later if not needed. I’m pretty sure I took around 1,600 photos and video which took up 1 and a half 32GB memory cards on my trip.

While on Safari in South Africa I stayed at the And Beyond Safari Ngala Game Reserve, a private game reserve that is part of Kruger National Park one of the largest game reserves in all of Africa. To learn more about my trip watch my newest video “South African Safari in a Minute“.

Thanks to South Africa Tourism for bringing me on the trip, all opinions and views expressed are my own. All photos were taken with my Nikon D5100.