I’ve spent the last week touring through the country of Israel. Visiting the popular cities of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, touring the old port town of Akko (Acre), floating in the Dead Sea and a whole lot more. Not only did I capture the entire trip with photos and videos I also highlighted many of my favourite moments on Instagram.

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Aerial view of the Tel Aviv, Israel waterfront

The view of Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea from my window on the 19th floor of the David Intercontinental Hotel. As you can see the city has a big mix of religion, modernization and beach bums.

Chicken stuffed figs in Jerusalem, Israel

Chicken stuffed figs in tamarind sauce. While touring around Israel we ate like kings…. or should I say Gods? We had a multi-course meal at a famous restaurant in Jerusalem called The Eucalyptus. 

Fireman Graffiti in Tel Aviv, Israel

Everywhere we went in Tel Aviv there was  pretty and crazy Graffiti. This one of a Rodin Thinker fireman sitting on a fire hydrant was taken in the artsy neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek.

Floating Orange Tree in Tel Aviv, Israel

A floating orange tree in Tel Aviv, Israel by by the sculptor Ran Morin.

Fresh pressed pomegranate juice in Israel

We were in Israel during Pomegranate season and at every shop and on every corner  you could find guys fresh squeezing the delicious fruit. So tasty!

Graffiti by popular Israeli street artist Dede

Street art / Graffiti by the famous street artist Dede in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Jewish man pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Israel

Jewish men pray at the Western wall in the old part of Jerusalem, Israel. 

kanafeh in Israel

Fresh Kanafeh, a favorite dessert of  middle eastern countries was served to has at the popular Uri Buri Fish and Seafood restaurant in the small port city of Akko (Acre), Israel.

Large pomegranates in Israel

Pomegranates the size of my head in Israel. They were very sweet and not sour like the ones I am use to in North America.

Local girls hangout at a market in Tel Aviv, Israel

Three women hang out on a bench at a popular organic market in Tel Aviv, Israel called HaTahana.

locals, military soliders and tourists explore the MachneYehuda market in Jerusalem, Israel

Locals, tourists and young girls in the Israeli Military carrying their machine guns walk through the Machne Yehuda market in Jerusalem, Israel.

Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream in Tel Aviv, Israel

Israel also had a lot of popular Gelato places, some made with soy milk so that they are considered kosher. Here is a delicious mint chocolate chip ice cream I ate in Tel Aviv.

One of the many mountains that make up the city of Jerusalem, Israel

One of the many mountains that make up the city of Jerusalem, Israel.

People float in the Dead Sea on the Israel side

People float in the Dead Sea in Israel.

red and black caviar on a persimmon

At the popular Uri Buri Fish and Seafood restaurant in the port city Akko (Acre), Israel we ate red and black caviar on top of a persimmon with mascarpone and raw fish.

Soy vanilla ice cream with shaved halva on top in Israel

A favorite dessert of the people of Israel is called Halva made of sesame paste and sugar. Here it is shredded and served on top of kosher vanilla soy ice cream.

Sunset over the Dead Sea in Israel

Sunset at the Dead Sea in Israel.

The ancient port of Akko (Acre) Israel

The Old Port in the seaside town of Akko (Acre), Israel.

The Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem in Jerusalem

The building that holds the Holocaust History Museum at the Yad Vashem Museum in Jerusalem, Israel.

Uri Buri a famous Israeli: German chef in Akko (Acre) Israel


Finally the man himself. Uri Buri. Owner and Chef at the previously mention Uri Buri Fish and Seafood Restaurant. He is also a hotelier and owns another restaurant and a gelato shop. You must visit him when visiting Akko (Acre), Israel.

I hope you enjoyed my short tour through Israel. Which photo was your favourite? Leave a comment below.

Thanks to the Tourism board of Israel for having me on this trip. All opinions and views expressed are my own.