cailin mt bromo

 Standing at the top of Mt Penanjakan in East Java, Indonesia over looking  the smoldering Mt Bromo, Mt Semeru.

I may have a smile on my face but to get to the top of My Penanjakan was one of the most tasking experiences of my life. We met at 3:30am and were driven in large jeeps up very steep hills until the vehicles couldn’t climb any higher. At that point we got out and began walking and climbing with other tourists, and Indonesians and their horses that they were trying to get us to ride to the top. The walk was steep, it turned into ramps that switchbacked on one another. It was dark and with out a flash light you would be lost. Eventually the ramps turned into steps, the air got thinner.

I cursed my way to the top taking many breaks. I thought about giving up more than once. My good friend Juno even carried my camera for me at one point it was that bad. But finally after what felt like hours we summited. The sun began to rose, I cooled down, I began to forget about that horrible climb and then a smile appeared on my face.

I had made it to the top and was welcomed with this amazing view. It was definitely worth it. I’m glad I made it.

Do you ever get challenged on your travels? How do you get through it? What do you tell yourself to continue on?