Small World Moments – Part 2

CC by Jason Rogers

The first article that I wrote about Small World Moments has since drastically increased so much so that I’ve decided to make a Part two. To read the first part click HERE.

Have you ever experienced that rare moment in a crowd when you see someone you know, or you are traveling half way around the world and you meet someone from the same city? In the past few years, I have been doing my fair bit of traveling and surprisingly occurrences like this have become less and less rare.

One of the most extreme cases of “Small World Moments” happened to me this past week. While at work on Tuesday November 9th I found out that I could take the rest of the week off and decided on a spontaneous trip to London to see some friends and was on a plane with in 12 hours (read more about that here) . While in London that week I messaged a Canadian friend who lives in London that I had met in Spain in August of 2009. We planned a meet up at a bar in London that Friday night where she would be with her friends. That week I met up with some twitter friends, travel friends and made some new friends and invited them all to come along. At the bar my Canadian friend was introducing me to her friends whom she had met in London and she was about to introduce me to another girl however when I looked at her there was no introduction needed as she looked extremely familiar. It turns out that I actually grew up in the same city and went to the same high school as her, in the same year and we have 12+ friends in common. This one is still blowing my mind, that in a city the size of London we ran into each other at a bar via a friend in common, however the friend in common I had just met randomly at a hostel in Spain and she had met at a Canadian consulate party in London.

Then also that same evening a fellow blogger that I met only two nights previous also knew one of my Canadian friend’s friend as they had lived in the same dorm in University in London.

Stay tuned for more stories as they happen, and I can only assume that they will keep on happening.

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