Being connected to the “out side world” no matter where in the world that I happen to be traveling to is something that is important to me. Sure there are those moments and days where I don’t want to be connected at all and just want my mind to rest however for the majority of the time I like being connected. I like being able to talk to family back home, know whats going on in the world and of course being a travel blogger I like to stay connected to plan my next trips and interact with other traveling friends to meet up with along the way.

Meeting up with my friend Tawny of Captain and Clark in Portland.

At the moment when I travel I carry with me my laptop, iphone and sometimes ipad to help me stay connected. One problem with my iphone however is that it is locked and I am stuck in a 3 year contract with a Canadian cell phone provider. Because of this I can’t use SIMs from other countries when I traveling, leaving my connectivity to depend on fleeting wifi connections.

On my last trip to Australia, I had a friend “unlock” my old iphone but the thing was too damn slow to be any good. Frustrating.

For my current trip however things are a little different. This time I am traveling with a new little friend, testing him out for the month of November, he came to me in a pretty white box, he is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. When I first learned that I along with the other members of Navigate Media Group would be trying out these new beauties, I’ll say I was a bit skeptic. Give up my beloved iPhone? I wasn’t sure if I could do it or not.

And then I’m carrying around the phone and someone says to me “Do you like that over an iPhone? You are carrying one of the best phones in the world right there you know?” At that moment I felt a little proud to be an Android user. I’ll admit I’m still fumbling around with it a bit, my little hands keep hitting the back button at the bottom at the wrong time and I haven’t gotten quite the handle on the camera yet but its happening.

Did you know when taking a self portrait you can say to the phone “shoot” or “capture” and it will take the picture for you with out you having to fumble for the button? Cool!

I have yet to decide if this is the phone I’ll be sticking with come the end of November but I’m excited to be testing something new and the fact that this bad boy is unlocked and has me connected here 24/7 in Costa Rica is a bonus too. A phone that I can use with any SIM card around the world is pretty nice. (Yes, I know you can do this with iPhones too, but see above and how I currently can’t do it with the one I own.)

Photo by Samsung

One thing I know I’ll like about this phone already is the Pop-up Play feature. I can text and/or share travel videos while I watch them. I always hated when trying to watch a video on my iphone and I got a text, not wanting to stop the video to see it but wondering if it was something important. Now I can multitask and do both at the same time with the Galaxy SIII. Also it will be neat to try to film with this phone/camera and try out the “stills from a video” feature where you can take pictures while at the same time you are filming a video.

Lets by the end of November just how connected the Samsung keeps me. To follow along with my experience with the Galaxy Siii and the rest of the group follow the hashtag #galaxytraveler on twitter.

Thanks to Samsung for sponsoring my trip to Arenas Del Mar in Costa Rica and gifting me a Samsung Galaxy SIII.  All views expressed here are my own honest opinions and do not reflect the views of Samsung.