The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

I have been a travel blogger for over 8.5 years now and traveling almost since the day I was born. My travels have taken me around the world many times to over 50+ countries, quite often the same ones multiple times. I can pack like a pro and now travel with carry on luggage only and I love to share my best packing tips with everyone. For those very reasons you can trust me when I say that my following list is the travel lovers perfect holiday gift guide.

The following list contains not only great things for you to travel with but also items that will inspire travel in your own home. These are things that I use and love and some that I wish I had myself (hint, hint Santa). They are items that I can guarantee will make your travels that much better.

**many of the links in this article are affiliate links which will help me make some extra income for Christmas presents at no extra costs to you.

cailin joby action gorilla pod - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

JOBY GorillaPod

I have traveled with my JOBY GorillaPod everywhere, so this year I was more than excited when I was invited to become an ambassador for them. JOBY has just released a new and improved line up of GorillaPods and they are perfect for holding everything from a big DSLR to a small point and shoot, a GoPro and even your phone. The GorillaPod is a short tripod with bendable legs that you can wrap around almost anything to help you get the best shot.

Pictured here is the Action Pod (holding my new Canon G7x mark ii) that comes with a GoPro attachment. Separately you can purchase the GripTight ONE mount which is attachable to the Action Pod so that it can hold your phone as well. I literally can’t travel without my GorillaPod, especially since I am quite often traveling solo. If I want a picture or video of myself, I set it up or wrap it around something, use my remote and voila, great shots of myself. Its like bringing my own instagram husband** with me. (** applications are open for a real instagram husband though lol).

If you are in the US visit and use the promo code: travelyourself30 between now and the end of December for 30% off!

To check out these products on Amazon click the links below

In the US: JOBY Action Pod, Canon G7x mark ii, GripTight ONE mount, JOBY Impulse remote, GoPro Hero 6

In Canada: JOBY Action Pod, Canon G7x mark ii, GripTight ONE mount, JOBY Impulse remote, GoPro Hero 6 

longko selfie light ring - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

The Selfie Ring Light

Professional photographers love a good ring light. But the ones they use are MASSIVE. I found this Longko one on Amazon, the perfect selfie ring light. Especially great for those who don’t want to lug around a heavy and expensive LuMee phone case. I bought this one back in June and I love it, not only for giving me an extra glow but for also taking selfies in low light, without needing a harsh flash. I have also used this to make food look better when taking pics in restaurants or just really for lighting up anything that is dark when I am filming. It’s pretty basic and has 3 brightness settings, but you can’t beat the price. It was more than worth it for me and it is my new favourite tool.

To check out these products on Amazon click the links below:

In the US: Selfie Ring Light, LuMee

In Canada: Selfie Ring Light, LuMee 

patagonia arbor 26l backpack black - longko selfie light ring - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Must Have Travel Back Pack

For me since I mostly travel carry on only, having a good backpack is very important. It needs to hold a lot of things including my electronics and computer and it needs to be small, compact and comfortable. Earlier this year when Herschel bags were everywhere I loved their look and went searching for one of my own and ended up with the Pop Quiz Backpack. It has lots of pockets, a padded laptop sleeve and was perfect for what I wanted.

Then later in the year I was gifted a 26L Patagonia Arbor Pack in black and I kind of loved it too. It’s missing some ideal pocket space, but it seems so roomy with the drawstring top instead of the zipper. I also love the straps that let me tighten it to make it smaller.

Ideally if I could have a bag for traveling that combined the best features of these two bags together it would be perfect. Until then I can’t chose a favourite but I recommend both.

To check out these products on Amazon click the links below:

In the US: Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L BlackHerschel Supply Pop Quiz Backpack

In Canada: Patagonia Arbor Pack 26L Black, Herschel Supply Pop Quiz Backpack

GoPro Portable Power Pack - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

GoPro Portable Power Pack

Since I am constantly on my phone when I am traveling taking pictures, creating Snapchats and Instagram Stories, tweeting and going everything else I always need to charge my phone once or twice a day. I don’t have time to be connected to a wall or computer though so my GoPro Portable Power Pack is always on me. It gives my phone two full charges, but it of course can also charge my GoPro and if I’m really in a pickle it can even charge my Cannon G7x mark ii. It’s small, light weight and so convenient, I literally can’t function a full day without it.

To check out this product on Amazon click the link below:

In the US: GoPro Portable Power Pack

In Canada: GoPro Portable Power Pack

Snapchat spectacles - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Snapchat Spectacles

Many people now prefer Instagram Stories to Snapchat but I personally still love Snapchat and of course my Snapchat Spectacles. Not only are they great sunglasses but they have a camera built into them too that can give your snaps a really cool prospective.

To check out this product on Amazon click the links below:

In the US: Snapchat Spectacles

In Canada: Snapchat Spectacles


Those items are all great and will help the traveler travel and capture their travels better. But what about when you aren’t traveling and you want some inspiration at home? Are are some great travel themed decor ideas that would make great presents for the holidays as well.

Luckies of London Scratch Map - Best Christmas Gifts for People who Love to Travel

A Scratch off Map

There is nothing like crossing another country, city, state or province off of your “must visit” list and with this map it makes it that much more fun. Hang it on your wall and for every place you visit scratch it off to unveil the destination visited, giving you a great visual display of all of your travels around the world. Also scratching things off is also just a lot of fun, make sure you don’t get too carried away.

To check out this product on Amazon click the links below:

In the US: Luckies of London Scratch Map

In Canada: Luckies of London Scratch Map

airport tag pillows - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Airport Tag Pillow Covers

Every airport around the world has its own unique 3 letter code. From JFK to SYD, JNB to my home of YHZ. Why not spruce up your bed or couch a bit with your very own airport tag pillow cover from your favourite destination?

To check them out on Amazon click the links below:

In the US: Airport Tag Pillows

In Canada: Airport Tag Pillows

cork push pin globe - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

image from

Cork Globe

I have seen these cork globes on a few travel blogger friends blogs lately and I am in love with them. Maybe not so much in love with the price but I love the look of them and how cool it is that you can pin an actual globe. Obviously I’m a fan of all things maps, globes and travel so I love something like this. You can get them in two different sizes and they come with 12 pins (clearly not enough! lol).

To check them out on Amazon click the links below:

In the US: Cork Globe

In Canada: Cork Globe

amazon echo devices - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Amazon Echo Devices

Not exactly travel specific but they are still pretty cool and have some neat travel features. I received my Echo Dot device in June as a gift and I love it. It can instantly tell me the weather anywhere in the world, I can play Jeopardy with it, it instantly converts currencies for me, it can tell me if my Air Canada flight is on time and also tell me prices for flights that I am thinking about booking. If you are bored you can also have conversations with it, it can tell you jokes and riddles, play 20 questions, answer pretty much any question you can pose to it, give you travel trivia, help you with your packing lists and so much more.

There are 3 devices available, the Echo Plus, Echo and Echo Dot. The plus is the best quality and has the best speakers for sound, but the Echo isn’t that different from it. The Echo Dot however doesn’t have the best speaker for listening to music, but you are able to connect it to other speakers in your home if music is a priority. The plus also connects to other smart home devices a bit easier.

To check them out on Amazon or add them to your shopping cart for later click the links below:

In the US: Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus

In Canada: Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus


cailin speakeasy travel supply scarf passport, joby gorilla pod, grip tight one mount, impulse remote, spectacles - The Travel Lovers Perfect Holiday Gift Guide

Speakeasy Travel Supply Scarf

The Speakeasy Travel Supply Scarf should be on every traveler’s wishlist. It is one of the ultimate travel tools as it is a practical item of being a scarf but it is also a sneaky safe. The Speakeasy scarf has a built in  hidden pocket perfect for holding extra money, your passport and even your phone. This is ideal for having a backup stash of money that no one but you would ever find in case something were to happen on your travels or for situations that make you feel uneasy when you might want some valuables hidden.

Check it out on their site for great Black Friday deals too! HERE

Or on Amazon here: Speakeasy Travel Supply Scarf

Hopefully this helpful guide will help you with your holiday shopping or give you some great ideas for the travelers in your life. Happy Holidays and Happy Shopping!

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