grand canyon 01

The first time I ever saw the Grand Canyon was on a family trip when I was 13 or 14. It was a day trip from Phoenix and we drove through the pretty cactus filled countryside seeing jaw dropping rock formations. We climbed higher and higher in elevation and the air felt cooler until we finally reached our destination. My first glimpse of the canyon was from the car through the trees and I almost couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Now wonder it is considered one of the wonders of the world.

We walked along a path to the canyons edge and what I saw was more than jaw dropping. The Grand Canyon is literally indescribable. Pictures don’t do it justice, video doesn’t do it justice. It is truly something that you need to see for yourself to be able to even begin to understand just how large it is. Its actually so large that it itself doesn’t even look real to the naked eye.

grand canyon 02

I always thought that seeing the Grand Canyon at such a young age was an incredible experience and when I recently traveled to Las Vegas with I jumped at the chance to visit it again. I had always dreamed of seeing the Grand Canyon from the sky in a Helicopter tour as I thought what better way to see this monstrosity and I was right.

Even though my tour with Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters was only about 30mins long, I felt like I got to see so much of it and was amazed at how much the landscape and vegetation changes depending on where you are viewing it from. Another bonus was that my tour included a pick up and drop off from my hotel in Vegas, a 1hour scenic flight to and from the Helicopter launch pad and a bus to take us to the canyons edge to walk around and see it from the ground.

To see more about my trip watch my newest video :


The next time I visit the Grand Canyon I guess I will have to hike down to the bottom to the Colorado river, or take a helicopter down to the canyon floor.

Have you ever seen the Grand Canyon? What did you think?