Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?


cailin eating a lobster roll at the point prim chowder house and oyster bar - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

Prince Edward Island is known for a lot of things, from Cow’s Ice Cream to its famous red dirt and potatoes, Anne of Green Gables and more. It is of course also known for it’s seafood. Like Nova Scotia, one of the most popular items is the lobster roll. Being the connoisseur of lobster rolls that I am I decided it was time for me to find the best on the island. This past summer I visited PEI and put together the ultimate list of “Where to eat the best lobster rolls in Prince Edward Island?”

After eating almost all of the best lobster rolls on the South Shore of Nova Scotia I decided that I needed to broaden my research area. I hadn’t been to Prince Edward Island in a few years and with just three days and two nights on the island I made it my goal to find the very best lobster rolls in PEI.

I did a lot of lobster roll research and reached out to people on Instagram for their recommendations. The lobster rolls were added to my google maps and I set out on a tasty adventure.

on board the northumberland ferry from nova scotia to PEI - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The view from the bridge of the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI

Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

There are three ways to get to Prince Edward Island, by plane, by taking the Confederation Bridge and by taking the ferry. There is nothing like a good boat ride so I went for the Northumberland ferry option. This was a bonus as they serve lobster rolls onboard. As soon as I had my car parked below deck my lobster roll quest of PEI began in the ships cafeteria.

All of the lobster rolls I ate were tasty but I did like some more than others so they are listed in order from great to best. It’s true I rarely meet a lobster roll I don’t like. Here is my list of my tummy grumbling, lip smacking, drooling research of the best lobster rolls in Prince Edward Island.

lobster roll from the cafeteria on the ferry from nova scotia to pei - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

Lobster roll on a ferry boat? Don’t mind if I do!

1. Northumberland Ferries Ltd Lobster Roll

The ferry ride from Nova Scotia to PEI lasts a little more than an hour. Once you get your car parked and situated, there isn’t much time to grab a bite and eat before you arrive. Partly because of that the food served on board is all quick service food. The lobster rolls on the boat aren’t made to order, but instead are ready and waiting for you to pick up and go. The fries are being made constantly so there was a bit of a wait for them and they are served hot. You can get the lobster roll just by itself if you want as well.

Lobster roll number one of my quest had a good amount of lobster meat. However the bun was so large that I wish there was either more lobster or less bun. This was an ok lobster roll, definitely could have been better if it was made fresh. Also if there was a bit more taste in the mayo, or if the bun was toasted, etc. It was ok but not amazing.

At $9.75 CAD by itself or $13.50 CAD in a meal it’s one of the more affordable lobster rolls you will find.

For more information on the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI click HERE. I would recommend getting a reservation in advance if possible to secure the departure time you want.

terry's berries smoothies and sandiwches food truck in charlottetown - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The adorably pink Terry’s Berries Food Truck near the Charlottetown waterfront

salt daddy lobster melt from terrys berries food truck downtown charlottetown - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

Terry’s Berries Salt Daddy Lobster Melt lobster roll

2. Terry’s Berries Salt Daddy Lobster Melt

Terry’s Berries is a bright pink food truck with a smiling blueberry on the side located not too far from the Charlottetown waterfront. Known for their smoothies and sandwiches, their Salt Daddy lobster melt is an interesting twist on the New England style lobster roll. It also makes up for 90% of the food trucks sales. Served on a baguette type of ciabatta bread with a mix of lobster, garlic, chives and a three cheese blend. It tasted kind of mushroom-y to me? Might have been in the cheese or maybe I just made that up.

This was kind of hard to eat because the bread was pretty tough and crunchy. I almost wish I could have sat down and knife and forked it. It was quite tasty however and I really like the melted cheese mix whatever it was. Would have again, but might not label it a lobster roll exactly.

Listed at $16.50 CAD it is reasonably priced compared to most lobster rolls and served on it’s own. It was quite filling too.

The Terry’s Berries Food Truck can typically be found in the summer months at 20 Great George St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 4J6.

the point prim lighthouse in prince edward island

The Point Prim Lighthouse and the ultimate lobster roll road trip vehicle Ford Mustang

warm buttered lobster roll from the point prim chowder house and oyster bar - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The Point Prim Chowder House butter lobster roll overlooking the red dirt shores of PEI

3. Point Prim Chowder House and Oyster Bar Warm Buttered Lobster Roll

If you are taking the ferry from Nova Scotia to PEI make sure once you arrive that your first stop is at the Point Prim Lighthouse. Take some nice photos then head to the Point Prim Chowder House and Oyster Bar for a delicious meal with a view. Of course I ordered the lobster roll. Instead of going for the typical mayo lobster roll I opted for the warm buttered lobster roll this time. It was warm, toasted and it was definitely buttered. It was actually very messy because of the butter and the winds of the ocean blowing my hair into my face as I tried to eat it. Note to self, tie hair back. It was interesting to have the butter on the lettuce too but messy or not this was a really great lobster roll. Also you can’t beat that view.

Listed at $19 CAD it would be a bit of a better value if there was some kind of side but not unreasonable.

The Point Prim Chowder House and Oyster bar is located at 2150 Point Prim Rd, Belfast, PE C0A 1A0 and is open seasonally.

water prince corner shop charlottetown lobster roll - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

Lobster Roll from the Water Prince Corner Shop in downtown Charlottetown

4. Water Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound Charlottetown Lobster Roll

I had no idea how popular the Water Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound would be. At first I thought it was a corner shop with lobster rolls to go. I went there on a Tuesday night in August and there was a line around the corner of people waiting for a table. The wait was about 30-45min, thankfully being a solo eater I got to sneak in there quicker. I was placed at one of the communal picnic tables outside. If you want your own table inside you have to wait longer or get there early.

When my lobster roll arrived I wasn’t that impressed by how it looked but was delightfully surprised by the taste. Since it is a lobster pound as well as restaurant the lobster was very fresh as was the steak roll it was served on. It wasn’t toasted but it was still tasty and the meat was tossed in mayo with celery a lettuce. The potato salad was ok, but not amazing for PEI. I would definitely get this again and would love to try more of their menu.

Listed at $17.95 CAD in the summer of 2018, their prices might vary each year.

The Water Prince Corner Shop and Lobster Pound can be found at 141 Water St, Charlottetown, PE C1A 1A8 and is open seasonally.

lobster roll with homemade mayo from the lobster barn pub and eatery - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The lobster roll with homemade mayo from the Lobster Barn

5. Lobster Barn Pub and Eatery Lobster Roll

The Lobster Barn Pub and Eatery is located in the cute seaside town of Victoria by the Sea. They serve up a fresh lobster roll on a toasted bun with lettuce and homemade mayo. I was really impressed with the amount of lobster on the roll and the big chunks of it. The homemade mayo was also quite tasty however it was spread on the roll rather than mixed in with the lobster. Because of this you weren’t necessarily getting a good mayo to lobster taste with each bite. It would definitely be better for me if it was all mixed together. The mayo was tangy and a bit sweet, really quite delicious. The lobster roll was nice because there wasn’t much fuss with it but it was still really flavourful. The fries were great as well. I could eat like five of these, easy.

Listed at $18 CAD with fries included this is a great price for a lobster roll.

The Lobster Barn Pub and Eatery can be found at 19 Main St, Victoria, PE C0A 2G0 and is open seasonally.

blue mussel cafe lobster roll north rustico - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The beautiful looking lobster roll at the Blue Mussel Cafe

6. Blue Mussel Cafe Lobster Roll

The Blue Mussel Cafe is a popular spot and due to a random power outage was hard for me to eat at. After driving all the way there twice I finally got to enjoy their lobster roll and it was definitely worth the trip. If you are going, arrive early or be prepared to wait.

To begin with this was just a gorgeous looking lobster roll. It was served on a really nicely toasted hotdog bun, with a nice mayo and a pepper and lemon flavor. The menu suggests dill as well, but I didn’t get much dill taste from it if at all. Oddly though it was a bit salty? Almost like there might have been a mistake making it, it was so salty? It was still delicious though, hold the salt next time. The housemade potato salad was very paprika-y but delicious and the pickled onion was a great addition. If I lived in PEI I would no joke eat this lobster roll twice a week.

Listed as $22 CAD on the menu, it’s on the higher side of price points for lobster rolls but still pretty typical for the quality.

Note: The lobster roll is typically only served on their lunch menu and not dinner.

The Blue Mussel Cafe can be found at 312 Harbourview Dr, North Rustico, PE C0A 1X0 and is open seasonally.

richards fresh seafood in Covehead york prince edward island - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The constant and to be expected line at Richard’s Fresh Seafood

fresh lobster roll and fries from Richards in PEI - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

The Lobster Roll and Fries at Richard’s Fresh Seafood

7. Richard’s Fresh Seafood Lobster Roll

Almost everyone and their mom told me to go to Richard’s. Locals and visitors a like seem to love the place so I put it at the top of my list to visit. When I got there I was met with yet another large line of people. Proof that I chose some pretty good places to visit, but also proof that I need to show up earlier. They were so busy that I was worried they might sell out. Richard’s Fresh Seafood has a food to go window set up, with lots of seating available. They give you a buzzer that rings when your order is ready to be picked up. I probably waited as long in the line as I did for the food to be ready.

The bun was nicely toasted but also a little greasy which = messy. I have come to learn that most lobster rolls will be very messy. There was tons of meat so much so that it was overflowing the bun. Getting a knife to push it in there is vital. The lobster was mixed with lots of mayo and had a nice lemon-y taste. The fries and coleslaw that came with it were great too. This is the kind of place where you want to try everything on the menu. Next time I’d go back with friends and a big appetite to try a bit of everything.

Listed at $19CAD for the lobster roll and fries, a great deal.

Hot tip: Richard’s is located inside the Prince Edward Island National Park. If you enter after 6pm it is free.

Richard’s Fresh Seafood can be found at 9 Wharf Rd, York, PE C0A 1P0 and is open seasonally.

Cailin eating a lobster roll at Richards in PEI - Where to Eat the Best Lobster Rolls in Prince Edward Island?

After eating 7 lobster rolls in 3 days, still all smiles and craving more

malpeque oysters from the malpeque oyster barn prince edward island

Delicious and fresh Malpeque oysters at the Malpeque Oyster Barn

Enjoy ALL of the PEI Seafood

A lot of people also told me to try the lobster rolls at Dave’s Lobster, the Chip Shack on the waterfront and Rick’s. So honourable mention to them. However I just didn’t have enough time or room in my stomach to visit them all. I hear the Chip Shack has great apple fries, and Rick’s was a bit out of the way for me. Also Dave’s Lobster is a small chain and I have had them before at home in Halifax.

PEI isn’t all about lobster however. While there I of course enjoyed some delicious Cow’s Ice Cream, because honestly how can you not? I also stopped by the Malpeque Oyster barn for a tasty flight of oysters. They were so fresh and served with a great rhubarb mignonette. I think my next trip to PEI will be all about finding the best oysters. What do you think?

To get a more in depth view of my lobster quest enjoy this video:


While on my lobster roll quest I based myself in Charlottetown at the Great George Boutique Hotel. To book with them click HERE.

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Special thanks to Tourism PEI and Ford for helping me with this trip. As always all opinions and views are my own as is my delightfully full belly.

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    I enjoyed this article! Cailin, would you say that lobster rolls on PEI are available all year long or is it more of a seasonal thing? If seasonal, what months are best? Thanks!

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      December 13, 2019 at 8:51 pm

      They are most likely available year round but they are easier to find in the summer months as a lot of seasonal restaurants / food stalls sell them. May to October are definitely the best months to visit PEI and eat lobster rolls!

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    I’m here right now!! Thanks for doing all the research for me – I think we’re going to head to the Lobster Barn Pub tomorrow!!

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      Oh yum!!! Enjoy, glad I could help!! Make sure you definitely go to Richard’s!! Also located near the Lobster Barn is the Landmark Oyster house and they have such great oysters!!

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    I just wanted to thank you for this great blog, I’ve learned a lot from different places to visit, this definitely caught my attention because I consider myself a lobster lover, it’s really my favorite food and to see so many ways to enjoy it is awesome, I hope to go soon to try these places and tell you again that I found, excellent blog, very complete!

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