cailin berlin 2

Me traveling solo in Berlin.

Due to recent events in the news of a young 33 year old American mother being found murdered in Istanbul while traveling by herself, the public is questioning “Is traveling solo and especially is traveling solo as a female a safe thing to do?“. The answer that I give you (as a frequent solo traveler myself) along with an overwhelmingly LARGE response from the travel community is YES. Yes it is safe and you will quickly learn from the posts I share below that the problem here that we should focus on is violence against women at home and abroad and has nothing to do with traveling solo or not.

There are zillions of tips that I can list off for you that will help keep you safe like:

1. Trust your gut, if something doesn’t feel right, act upon your feelings and try to get yourself out of the situation you are in or stop talking to that creepy guy in the hostel.

2. Avoid going out at night by yourself in a city you aren’t familiar with.

3. Research about your destination as much as possible and avoid the trouble areas.

4. Be in contact with home as much as possible, forward people your schedule so someone always knows where you are.

5. If you are considering traveling solo by yourself for the first time, think about booking a tour or at least visiting a familiar country/city first, to test the waters and see if it is right for you. Take baby steps.

I could go on and on. Caz from has great tips HERE. Gray from offers up more safety tips HERE. and Janice from has a zillion tips on safely traveling solo HERE.

cailin ferry

Me traveling solo in Australia.

Just like everything else that the media blows out of proportion, they are totally blowing the idea that solo travel might not be safe out of proportion as well. As Stephanie Yoder of says it best in her recent articleIf this poor woman had been murdered in Chicago or New York City we probably would never have heard about it, because it doesn’t play on this fear of the unknown.

I’m not the most eloquent person when it comes to putting pen to paper but some of these ladies that I admire and respect definitely are and make some good points on this topic. If I haven’t convinced you that it is still safe to travel solo then I can 100% guarantee that they will:

There are also A LOT of other sites written by wonderful solo travellers that can give you tips on traveling solo whether female OR Male that will show you that not only you can do it, but it is safe.

If it wasn’t safe, would all these people be doing it?

Solo-travel sites:

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