(photo above: Sometimes I get angry)

It seems more and more these days people are having bigger pet peeves about fellow travelers and different parts of air travel; something that was once almost a privileged and not as easily accessible to everyone like it is today. You hear it all, from the annoying person in the window seat next to you with an apparent bladder problem, the loud snorer, leans on your shoulder sleeper, the bad body odor person, the doesn’t fit in their seat, stealing the armrest guy, the kid that kicks the back of your chair, the crying baby, the people who stand up to soon after landing,  the steals the storage bin space kind of people. I know I have pet peeves with some of them…. not that I’m a perfect flier though but I would like to think I try to make the experience as best as possible and I am conscientious of others.

You don’t however hear that much about the types of people you get in the baggage claim area, but this is where on more than one occasion I have almost, to eloquently put it “lost my shit”. Also part of the reason I try to travel with a carry-on only now. The following is my list of “Baggage Claim Etiquette” rules that all travelers should be forced to read before getting off the plane… not before, getting on… wait actually it should be before they even are allowed to book their ticket.


That’s it. Those are my tips.



Well I guess I could also elaborate and add a few more:

  • Stand at least 3 feet back from the luggage carousel so everyone can see the luggage going by.
  • Do not stand in front of and block the other people patiently standing a few feet back from the conveyor belt.
  • Do not approach the luggage carousel until you 100% confirm that you see your bag and it is “seconds” away from going past you and not a 5 minute slow-chug-of-the-conveyor-belt away from you.
  • Clearly mark your bags! Everyone’s suitcase looks the same these days, get multi-colored straps or luggage tags, ribbons, buy the ugliest luggage you can find (that way also no one will steal it either). Whatever you do, MARK YOUR BAG. That way you won’t be the guy who I saw pick up FIVE black bags checking to see if it was his or not only to then finally pick up a bright blue bag and walk away….seriously. So you should also REMEMBER WHAT YOUR BAG LOOKS LIKE.
  • Keep your kids away from the luggage carousel so when I swing my big bag off of it that I don’t whack them in the face.
  • Once you have your bag, vamoose!


I think that is all for now. What else would you add? Do you have any other flying pet peeves? Please share them below!