For the next couple of days I will be contributing for #Blog4NZ


Blog4NZ is a grass-roots effort on the part of the international travel blogging community to promote all that is good about travel in New Zealand, Canterbury and Christchurch. It is a worldwide blogging event that is running from the 21st to 23nd of March — the one-month anniversary of the quake.

I traveled to the adventure capital of the world that is New Zealand in Novemeber 2008. Just new on the “traveling by myself scene” and having limited time I decided totake a Contiki Tour of the North Island. I have never been that much of a risk taker, adventure seeking kind of person but I couldn’t not take part in a couple crazy things while visiting.

An avid fan of the tv show The Amazing Race I was obsessed with Zorbing the minute I saw them do it on the show and was thrilled that we would be stopping there on our tour. Located in Rotorua, New Zealand also known for its sulphurous smell and hot springs zorbing was not the cheapest thing to do (was about $70NZD when I was there) but it came with a towel, tshirt, matching pair of shorts and a bag to carry them in, perfect to wear while you are zorbing so you don’t get your clothes wet.

You have the choice of zorbing by yourself or with on or two other people. I went for the option to go with two of my friends to share the laughs with but about half way down the hill after a knee in the eye I thought to myself, maybe going down by yourself isn’t so bad….

They truck you up to the top of the hill and one at a time you take a running jump into the rubber Zorb, they throw some water in it allowing you to easily move around as it rolls down the hill and then they tell you to push. The ride seems like it takes forever and was an awesome experience, if only I could of done it ten more times, but with a bus full of people waiting on you it wasn’t really an option.

I had a friend film my wild ride which will explain the experience much better, check it out and stay tuned tomorrow for my post about me Caving in Waitomo, New Zealand.