The word exercise to me is equal to saying a bad word. I hate it so much. In my house I have the luxury of a treadmill an elliptical and a weight machine, but rarely (maybe never) do I use them. I am out of shape and I know that and I hate that and I could do something about it, like many of us but I never do.

Sometimes when I’m traveling I’ll get exhausted walking up a big hill (heres looking at you Park Güell in Barcelona) or be afraid of doing something extremely adventurous because of not wanting to fail at it. I hate that. Some people say that you must exercise to travel, you must be in great shape! I don’t believe that, I’m proof (haha) but at the same time I know I could’ve caught more waves and had a better time learning to surf in Australia if I had been in better shape.

Being that it is the New Year and the common “resolution” time when things like exercise are constantly on peoples minds I have decided to switch my life around and become more active this time for real (unlike the other 99 times I’ve said this to myself). I hate running, so no you won’t see me soon starting a blog about running marathons around the world, nor will you see me competing in Iron Man competitions (although that would be sweet!). I’ve been really inspired by Dave and Deb from the Planet D who started the New Year going to a Muay Thai Camp in Thailand to kick their butts back into shape, but nope I’m not going to do that either, I’m going to start slow with that darn eliptical machine in my house.

One of the reasons I hate the eliptical is because its boring, there is nothing to do when you are on it. There isn’t a TV anywhere near where it is set up and its one heavy mother to try to move near one. I was brainstorming ways to make it more exciting the other day as I sat in my TV room with my laptop and a light bulb went off “ding!” “I wonder if there is a shelf that I could buy to hold my laptop so I could use my computer while on the eliptical!?!?” I googled and within seconds had found “the surfshelf!!!” It was $39.95 and would come to $56.00 after taxes and shippng and guess who had $50 sitting in their paypal account making it too easy for me to not not buy this thing? This girl! A few days previous Backpacking Matt announced that I was the winner of his sites first ever giveaway I won $200 to and $50 to do with as I like. SOLD.

So folks I am proud to say that this post has at this point taken me 30mins to write and I have written this whole thing while using my elliptical, I almost fell off twice (because im sure the idea is that you watch videos and read things and not be typing…..) there are a few spelling mistakes that I’ll fix but aside from that I’m excercising! Some of you might think I’m lame or pathetic right now but I think I’m a winner because I’m finally getting my ass up off the couch.

I’ll keep you all updated with my progress but in the mean time I have a few questions for you.

Before a big trip do you try to get in shape? Do you try to exercise and stay fit while on the road? (I’ve had a few friends whom I’ve traveled with that would still keep with their running routines while on the road and am told its a great way to see a city if you dont get lost that is… ~ahem~ this person will be left nameless) Do you have any tips for exercising on the road? or keeping yourself motivated? or making it more exciting?

I hope you have enjoyed this post! whoa almost fell off….
As Hal and Joanne always say “Keep fit and have fun!”