(photo above: My friend Julia and I spending the day in Tangier, Morocco, probably the farthest off the beaten path I’ve been.)

Possibly spurred on by the new year and wanting 2012 to by my most epic year of travel yet I did something crazy yesterday, I registered for tickets to Burning Man 2012.  A crazy, fun week long party in the Nevada Desert. I had heard about Burning Man before but never really knew much about it until my friend Josh started talking about it while we were on a trip in Puerto Rico.

Later after seeing Josh’s awesome video that he shot with his GoPro and Ian’s video and now this weeks latest viral video:

I was inspired even more to participate in this awesome festival. Up until this point I honestly can’t say I have participated on my travels in anything quite as crazy as this, aside from maybe La Tomatina. However La Tomatina is just half a day and Burning Man is a whole week long.

I might be getting ahead of myself because at this moment along with Candice, we have only registered for tickets and we still have to wait until February 1st, 2012 when we find out if we were selected in the lottery to actually get tickets. After that point we have to figure out if we have the money and are available Aug 27th to Sept 3. Maybe by then I will be working on a film or living in Japan (anything can happen).

(photo above: the extent of my partying? Am I ready for Burning Man?)

I am extremely excited about the possibility of this trip and “Expanding my horizons”. Often when I travel, I travel safe. As most of us do, but maybe I travel too safe? Maybe I need a bit more excitement in my trips. Not to say that other places I haven’t been to yet aren’t safe but so far I’ve tended to stick to predominately English speaking countries and haven’t gotten that far off the beaten track. 2012 will be different though, hopefully not starting with Burning Man because that isn’t until August but hopefully it will be part of a great year of travel and expanding my horizons.

What about you? Are you planning on stretching your travel limits this year? Will you be going to Burning Man? Maybe we will end up in the same Nomadic Camp? I would love to hear your thoughts! Maybe I’m crazy? Let me know! 🙂