(photo above: Me on NYE 2011/2012 it’s all looking up from here. 🙂  )

I have high hopes for 2012. My goals may be extremely outlandish but if I don’t start trying to achieving them now or seriously thinking about them they will never happen right? So please bare with me with this crazy list but at the same time maybe you can help me out with it? If you have any contacts that might help me achieve my goals or have experiences that may relate I would love you to share! Maybe you know someone who knows someone that could help or you have already done one or more of the things I want to achieve?

In 2012 I hope to make my travel videos be even better, quality, content and all of the above. A viral video here or there wouldn’t hurt either. I am wanting to have great success with my own Travel TV show this year.

I want to start talking about video more, I want to speak at conferences, I want to help people make their videos better, I want to consult and help people learn how to create great content.

I wish to get bigger and better jobs in the Film and TV industry but at the same time have more freelance work that will allow me to travel as much as possible… I wouldn’t mind winning the lottery either and in that case I will be buying a ticket for Richard Branson’s flights to space. I also wish for more success with SMAC and working with Social Media.

I look forward to bigger and better success with this site, www.TravelYourself.ca and my new travel & food blog launching soon www.TheTasteofTravel.com .

I want to go to Tahiti and work/WOOF on a Pearl farm.

Friends of mine in Sydney, Australia need someone to look after their place and cat for the month of April while they travel to the US so hopefully I’ll be able to do that and maybe stay around for longer.

(photo above: I’ve been to Australia a few times… but am dying to go back!)

It would be awesome to work on the Semester at Sea ship or go on a big sailing trip.

I have yet to visit any where in Asia and I like the idea of living in Chang Mai for a month or two.

South America is constantly calling my name and well if I’m going to go all the way there I might as well also hop on over to the Galapagos Islands, Easter Island, oh and Antarctica.

I will be going to the second Nomading Film Festival in New York in June.

(photo above: Hanging out with fellow filmmakers at the Nomading Film Festival)

I definitely want to attend the World Travel Market conference in London next November again as it was so great this year.

I would like to do an epic train journey like the the Trans-Siberian.

Another epic road trip would be awesome and since I have now seen every province in Canada, its time to hit up the territories too!

I met so many great people in 2011 and I hope to meet many more in 2012 along with making current friendships even stronger.

I know I’m missing things, but I think this is a pretty good start, now lets just hope I don’t jinx myself and none of these things happen because I’m pretty awesome at jinxing myself if anything.

Maybe your brother’s, teacher’s, uncle’s, hairstylist once met a guy at a party who works for the Travel Channel and you could arrange to slide him my YouTube channel, maybe you work for a tour company or destination that could help me with one of my trips or maybe you have already done one of the things listed? Can I help you with a video question or give you feedback on some of your content? Let me know!

2012 will be awesome, lets all dream big and hopefully great things will happen. 🙂