Photo above: Me being sad that the Little Mermaid wasn’t in Copenhagen when I visited. I’m even sadder that I have to move.

Being a travel blogger and someone who has travelled a fair bit in her life you wouldn’t think that “moving” homes would be a big deal for me, but it is.

Part of the reason that I am able to live my current lifestyle is because I am still living at home with my parents. Literally living in the same house that I have lived in my whole entire life.

Home is a nice place to come back to after traveling for either a few days, weeks or longer. Its familiar and of course you become attached to your home, neighborhood and more, especially when you have lived in the place for almost 28 years like I have.

Sadly in the next two weeks my parents are putting my childhood home up for sale. They aren’t giving me the boot, as we are moving to our cottage while they build a new home on their ocean front property, and it will be their dream home that they have wanted for a long, long time. They are building a room for me in it (which I am very appreciative of) but rather than be happy for them I am sad, depressed and I’m sure some would say acting like a little brat.

Our new home will be lovely, its on the ocean, near family… but its too far outside of the city for my liking and honestly its just not “my home”. I think in this new place I will truly feel like a stranger. So much so that aside from seeing my friends and family, I won’t be excited to coming home anymore after a trip.

I’ll also be further from the airport now! No longer can I “cab home” from being out with friends, I’ll now need to find couches to crash on and will probably become a hermit because I can’t be bothered to spend the gas to “get into town”. I feel like a country bumpkin’.

Whats even sadder is that I am going away to Australia around the time they are planning on selling the house so I feel like I might not even get to say a real “good bye” to the place. I’ll leave on a trip and return to my cottage with strangers living in the house that I wouldn’t of minded living in for the rest of my life. The house that I had one day hoped to own myself.

I’m sure I’m one of few who has never moved before, so encouraging words from others who have moved a lot would be appreciated, until then I’m just going to be sad.


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