(photo above: Candice and I on the balcony of the Delta Chelsea hotel in Toronto)

Three months ago my friend Candice and I started planning our epic Cross Canada Road trip. At that point we had already secured a train ride from Halifax to Kingston, Ontario and had a car to drive from Kingston to Vancouver but we hadn’t even started thinking about where we would stay along the way. We knew that her cousin lived in Ottawa so we had a couch to crash on for two days but there was 12 more days to figure out where to lay our heads and I wasn’t too keen on sleeping in the car “every” night.

We googled, we tweeted and facebooked looking for recommendations on places to stay and to visit. I thought the best way to start searching for accommodations was to go from east to west just like our trip was mapped out. We decided our first night we would spend sleeping on the train and to save money we just purchased regular seats and not a sleeper car. This may not of been the wisest of decisions but we survived albeit somewhat uncomfortably.

Once we got to Montreal we cashed in on vouchers for two free nights stay at any Omni Hotel that we had picked up in New York the previous year at a TBEX conference but after that we were clueless where to stay. A friend of mine in Toronto offered up his couch, however I was slightly weary as although he is a great friend of mine the last time he offered up a couch I some how ended up on his bedroom floor while two french couch surfers snagged the couch. But his offer still stood so the first place we looked at to stay was Sault Ste Marie.

Before our trip I didn’t know much about “the Soo” but from my googling I came across The Delta Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront and Conference Centre. I sent them an email and inquired about their availability for the dates we would be passing through and asked if they could help us out on our trip. Not only did the GM respond to us but he also was able to get us in contact with nearly every Delta hotel in Canada that we would be passing by and I immediately fell in love with Delta Hotels.

On our trip Candice and I stayed at three Delta Hotels. The Delta Sault Ste. Marie Waterfront and Conference Centre, The Delta Chelsea in Downtown Toronto (the largest hotel in Canada) and the Delta Winnipeg hotel. Before this trip I wouldn’t of been able to make such a bold statement as to call them the best chain in the country, but now after this trip I believe I rightfully can đŸ™‚

The following is my list for why Delta is my favorite Canadian hotel chain:

1.  Extremely welcoming-willing-to-go-out-of-the-way-for-you friendly staff.

2. The heated bathroom floors at the Delta Winnipeg

3. Their social media expertise and interactiveness.

4. The Delta Sault Ste Marie’s kickass outdoor patio over looking a St. Mary’s river and Michigan!

5.  Ipod docking stations in the rooms.

6. The swimming pools. (yes, sometimes I’m like a little kid)

7. Newly renovated / decorated rooms. Similar with each hotel but not similar in the way of massed produced but similar with the feeling of coming home which is nice to have while on the road.

8. Delta Greens – the most ambitious and comprehensive environmental sustainability program within Canada’s hospitality industry.

9. Perfectly located in each city.

10. and like Candice says “Delta hotels are all about the details” my favorite part was when the Delta Chelsea found out it was my birthday and sent me a yummy chocolate mousse cake!!

After we had the Delta hotels help us out the rest of our accommodations figured themselves out easily. Have you ever stayed at a Delta hotel in Canada? Is there another chain of hotels that is your favorite?