Seattle’s EMP Museum Part 2

Continued from Seattle’s EMP Museum Part 1

The Avatar Exhibition

Walking into this exhibit I was like a kid in a candy store. For those of you don’t know when I’m not traveling and blogging I actually work in film and TV as a Production Coordinator and Assistant Director amongst other jobs and even though I see things like this every day at work I am always so fascinated by it.

When you walk in you can see some of the plants that they created to make the  “Avatar” world where they lived and you can hear a film playing talking about the making of the film, there are film props used in the actual movie and artists representations of what things would actually be like. You can teach yourself how to learn part of the Na’vi language and even put yourself on a green screen in part of the film!

That is me walking around as James Cameron directs me. It looks slightly awkward yes, but it was pretty cool and was longer than just that 30sec clip. But the cool thing is, is that they film you and automatically put it on YouTube you can see it for yourself and share it with friends.

My last stop at the EMP museum after the Avatar Exhibit was into the Horror Film exhibit, not sure what to expect I was directed to go here by the @EMPMuseum twitter account and to give them a scream. As I walked down to it the walls were covered with others who had screamed before me.

They had a wall that named the top 100 Horror films to see before you die,  you could watch a film with the director of Hostel, there was lots of Horror film memorobilia, there was horror movie music playing throughout the whole exhibit with a switch on the wall where you could make it creepier and add different effects into what everyone was hearing and then there was the scream booth.

I screamed at the top of my lungs, one of the loudest screams I’ve ever screamed (see first photo), almost as if I was in the movie Alien and this guy was coming after me. It felt good.

That finished the end of my trip to the EMP Museum, but it was one of the coolest museums that I have been to to date and I would definitely recommend you check it out if your ever visit Seattle.

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