(Photo above: Hanging out with 48 Hour Adventure and The Aussie Nomad on a last minute trip to London)

What kind of traveler are you? Are you a plan a year in advance and be packed a month ahead kind of traveler? A take no risks traveler? Or are you risky flying by the seat of your pants, going with the flow kind of traveler?

I am a last minute traveler.

I often book flights on a whim. A boss once told me on a Tuesday at lunch time that I could have that Wednesday off and because of a long weekend that meant that I suddenly had 5 days off of work. So what did I do? I checked the flights and by midnight that same night I was sitting on a plane flying to London, England.

I have another trip coming up very soon…in two days… and I have only planned half of it so far with the rest of it up in the air. I’m flip flopping between maybe going to Hawaii for the second part of it, or maybe Las Vegas? Or maybe just home again until another trip?

Everything about my travel plans are last minute, finding accommodation and even packing. I sometimes find myself packing just before I walk out the door to the airport. However only once have I had to turn the car around because I forgot something…my wallet…. the other times I just went with out the things I forgot (clearly less essential than my wallet 😉 ).

I don’t know why I have these habits? Maybe I like the stress? Or the risk of never knowing what is going to happen next? I want to be more put together and more of a planner but doesn’t that seem a bit boring?

Let me know, what kind of traveler are you?