Traveling Down South Solo

Several weeks ago I wrote about how 2012 would be the year I would be “Expanding Horizons” and doing more “out of the box things” in life and when I travel and I’m off to a good but slow start.

  • One of those things was throwing my name into the lottery for Burning Man tickets with my friend Candice, which I am happy to announce we won! (However a lot of the main burners that make Burning Man didn’t and we are both slightly torn about that but that is a story for another post.)
  • As you know I also took another last minute trip a couple of weeks ago and flew to Portland and Seattle to surprise some friends.
  • I am headed to New York this weekend with Diamond PR to attend the Adrian Awards as they one a Gold Award for Public Relations with the Vloggers in Paradise campaign I took part in in Puerto Rico this past August. It’s a black tie event, (my first) in New York and I am beyond excited about it.

Those don’t sound all that exciting / out of the ordinary though do they? Where I’m headed after New York might be though.

When I won the online vote from the Vloggers in Paradise campaign I also won myself a 3 night stay back at the San Juan Marriott in Puerto Rico. I’ve been searching for a way to fly myself back down there and I figured being in New York was a great time to go as they have direct flights and with a gift card for $250 that I won from Flight Center I was able to book return tickets to there and back from New York with little cost to myself. I loved it there the first time so why wouldn’t I go back?

Three days in the sun on the beach, sounds like every Canadians dream this time of year. However I forgot one thing, someone to go with. I’ve been traveling solo for so long now that I never think to consider bringing a friend or asking another travel addict to come along. I’m always staying in hostels with tons of people around or knowing blogger friends in the same city or being somewhere with lots of things to do.

In San Juan, Puerto Rico I’ll be staying in an amazing hotel right on the beach, with a  pool and Casino. Very similar to an all inclusive resort. Thankfully it’s not cut off from the outside world like most inclusive resorts, its on a main road and is within walking distance to “Old San Juan” the historic part of the city, which I explored when I was there last. This time though I think I’m just going to stick near to the hotel, enjoy the sun and the Pina Coladas almost as if I was at an all inclusive. Essentially I will be on a “trip down south” but I will be solo, all by myself. Not something you hear of many people doing that often.

I might go stir crazy, I’m sure after a couple hours in the sun I’ll take off into the city exploring, thankfully I can actually do that.

Would you ever travel down south by yourself? How do you feel about traveling solo anywhere?

Want to come meet me in Puerto Rico? ;)

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    March 1, 2012 at 11:02 am

    […] had written the other day about traveling to a destination like this by yourself and I was worried at first that I would be bored and maybe go out of my mind, but I haven’t […]

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    February 22, 2012 at 10:11 pm

    I went to PR one time by myself and it was kind of nice. Got some good reading in, walked around a bit, people watched on the beach. You’ll have a great time!

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      February 24, 2012 at 8:48 pm

      Oh very cool, good to know!! :)
      I hope to get a lovely tan!

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