I am headed to San Francisco on a bit of a short notice trip and if you know me at all when I travel I tend to not plan things and this time I’m really not planning anything except for meeting up with a friend. I’m writing this post to not only hear from YOU who may know better than I, maybe you live there, maybe you have been, maybe you are the mayor of San Francisco? Please send me your suggestions and help me plan out my week long trip to the city of hills and trolley cars. Also if you know me you might know that I love social media and blogging so the purpose of this post is to also see if I can plan a trip through strictly only using these resources. I’m quite positive that I can but I still want to try this as an experiment.

Starting a couple days ago I tweeted out asking people what I should see and do while in San Francisco and the following is a list of a few of the answers I got combined with things I had previously known about San Francisco and things that make this city the popular city that it is. Please leave a comment if you think I have missed something, or if something I have mentioned isn’t so great. I would also love to know about hidden gems and unique things to do in San Francisco, great tours to do, food to eat,  you name it help me plan my trip! 🙂

1. The Golden Gate Bridge

An icon of San Francisco ingrained in my memory since the early days of watching Full House on TV in their opening credits as the family drives across the bridge in their bright red convertible, I’m pretty sure it is a crime to visit San Francisco and not see it.

2. Full House stuff

While on the topic I am also definitely wanting to see the line of houses also from the opening credits of Full House which is where the Tanner family apparently lives.

3. Alcatraz

The famous island and prison, I’ve been told is definitely a must do with some awesome tours.

4. Trolley cars

1) I want to take one of those stereotypical photos of me hanging of the back of a trolley and 2) I don’t like hills so I’ll take any and all kinds of transportation available to me.

Other suggestions:

Go see the seals on the waterfront, check out the wind-ey street called Lombard street and take a day trip to Napa Valley.

WHAT ELSE SHOULD I DO?? Please let me know! 🙂