Deep fried artichokes.

These days you can get just about anything deep fried and although it might not be healthy, when its a deep fried vegetable you must think that it is “slightly” healthy at least, right? Recently I sampled the tapas / appetizer menu at a new restaurant in Halifax called “Tempo – Food & Drink” and on the menu was deep fried artichoke. Served with a olive tapenade and sweet pepper dipping sauces.

I was a fan of the sweet pepper as I somewhat dislike olives and I thought the artichokes were pretty great. When I have eaten artichokes before a few of the layers were always a bit chewy however the deep frying softened them.

A tasty treat, but if you aren’t a fan of fried foods I would probably pass on this one.

Thanks to Tempo – Food & Drink for having me as a guest, I will definitely be back for more. All opinions and views expressed are my own.