Kataifi Scallops

Kataifi is a Middle Eastern pastry that is similar to phyllo with one of the differences being that it is shredded. There is a new trend these days with kataifi that might normally be used in something sweet like a baklava now being used on savoury foods and seafood like scallops. Recently while trying out the tapas / appetizer menu at the new restaurant in Halifax called “Tempo – Food & Drink” I was drawn to the scallops. Basically whenever I have the opportunity to eat them I will.

These scallops were of course covered in Kataifi then fried (but possibly baked forgot to ask) and served with a charred corn and mustard purée. This was one of those dishes where you want to lick the plate its so good. The scallops were large and fresh and the kataifi gave them a nice crunch. I was bummed that I had to share these with a friend. I will be back for more.

Thanks to Tempo – Food & Drink for having me as a guest, I will definitely be back for more. All opinions and views expressed are my own.