While visiting Winnipeg last week I found it a bit odd to see Pork Belly on not one but three different menus of the restaurants I went to. I’m not sure if its a favorite of Manitobans, if its considered a hearty winter dish or what but every time I saw it all I could think about was that 1983 movie starring Eddie Murphy called “Trading Places.

If you are wondering, pork belly is exactly what you think it sounds like and is popular in Asian cuisine. I’m not a big fan of pork bellies as it is a bit too fatty for me but the above dish served to Ayngelina and I at the restaurant Deer + Almond had a nice sauce and sliced pineapple that paired with it well. The skin was crisp and tough (Ayngelina tells me its called crackling), the fat was like butter at the bottom was porky goodness.

Have you ever tried Pork Belly? Would you?

Thanks to Tourism Winnipeg for allowing me to eat some Pork Belly inside a nice warm restaurant avoiding the cold.