While in Winnipeg I visited and enjoyed several restaurants however I was a bit skeptic when I found out one of the places we were going to was a Vegan Burger Joint called Boon Burger. Vegan and Burger in my head don’t go together, it was hard for me to fathom an entire burger joint being vegan. When we got there we saw aside from many varieties of vegan burgers made with mushrooms, beans, tofu and so on they also had vegan hotdogs and vegan poutine.

VEGAN POUTINE!! Blaspheme I thought. But then definitely had to try it.

vegan poutine

The sesame potato fries were crunchy and tasty. The gravy was pretty good as well. But the “cheese curds” aka shredded daiya cheese was kind of foot tasting ish. Unfortunately. It was a good try though my Vegan friends, but honestly  you can’t make poutine with out good ol’ real 100% cheese curds.