Over the past few months you may have noticed that I have been doing a lot of interviews with Fellow Travel Video Bloggers. I have been asking them questions that I wanted the answers to but also ones that I thought you might also want to ask them. I do realize that I never really asked you what you might what to know, so now is your chance.
In the next couple weeks I will be compiling all of the interviews into a condensed post, let’s call it something along the lines of “The Travel Video Manifesto”. Aside from having all of the great answers and responses that I got from my interviews, I also want to add more answers to other questions that you might have.

So now it’s your turn, are you interested in starting to make your own travel videos? Do you have a technical question, have you become a pro at travel videos but still might have a question about something? Or maybe you just want to throw your own two cents in about a topic I may have missed? Please leave a comment below and I will make sure to included it in the manifesto. Not to say I’m a pro in anyway but I love to help out, hear new things and just talk about travel and film.

Also don’t forget to stay tuned! Things are about to get a lot busier around here, on May 27th Candice and I head off in our cross Canada adventure, follow along here with (fingers crossed) new videos every day, follow along on Candice’s site, our Facebook pages an also with the hastag #CCCC on Twitter.

Oh and here is something for you to chuckle at.