Today’s Fellow Travel Video Bloggers Interview is with Kimberly and Clark of the great site “To Uncertainty and Beyond” aka “2U&B“. I first learned about these guys and their videos after a couple of people on twitter recommended I check them out. A fun couple that spent 200+ days on the road photographing and filming as they went. The majority of their videos are a bit different than others that I have featured here so far as their videos are mostly “montages” of their travels with rarely any dialogue. A perfect way to sum up your trip and keep it up beat and never boring. They have a real skill and capture some amazing images that you must check out.

Who: Kimerbly & Clark What: To Uncertainty and Beyond aka 2U&B

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You should watch: Highlights from Austria and Bavaria

1. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your website and what got you motivated to start traveling? How did you get the travel bug?
We are a couple of Chicagoans who got the travel bug by going on some shorter trips to Europe. Clark is in the corporate world and Kim is a teacher. On the way to the airport after a very busy week in Italy, it didn’t feel natural to be heading back. It felt like we should have been going to the next city. In January 2009, we decided to start saving for one big trip, and we gave ourselves 18 months to make it happen. We sold most of our things, left our apartment, quit our jobs, and we traveled for 7 months and visited 23 countries.
2. I see that your travels (200 straight days of it that is) have just recently come to an end, where are you now? Are you itching to get going again?

We’re back in Chicago now trying to find jobs! We loved our RTW trip, but we were ready to get back to the grind, find an apartment, and settle down for a bit. That doesn’t mean we’re done traveling, though. We have a huge list of places we want to go as well as some we’d like to return to. I don’t think we will travel for months on end again, but we’ll definitely be international travelers for the rest of our lives.
3. Why did you decide to incorporate video into your website and blog?
Video can be more engaging, and we like to mix up our content. Video can draw in more people who don’t necessarily want to read post after post, but still want to see what we’re up to in a short, 120-second clip.

4. From watching a few of your videos a lot of them are great montages of your photographs taken on your trip, was your intention to just use video as another means to show off your great photographs or was that always your intention for your videos?
We thought it was important to supplement the video clips with some of our favorite photographs. It helps to keep the video visually
interesting and better tells the story of our travels. You can capture some moments with a great photo that you can’t with a video camera. Hopefully people like some of the photos they see in our videos and then visit our Flickr page!
5. Aside from yourself, do you have any favourite people that make travel videos? Anyone that has inspired you or whom you just enjoy good content from?

“Two Guys Around the World” is the blog that first inspired us to incorporate edited video clips. We even considered doing a pure video blog like their’s at one point. Their stuff is so engaging and professional. They had some serious equipment and experience working for them though. We had neither, and I was worried we would spend all of our time in post-production instead of experiencing the actual destination. We also like videos that use timelapse photography like Timescapes. Amazing photography.
(Editors note: Wow!!!! I had not heard of TimeScapes before! that stuff is amazing!)

6. What has been your favourite travel video that you have made to date?

We really love our “Turkey Delights Us” video. We had the most overwhelming response from our readers for this one as well. It was a lot of fun to make. We wanted to go with a song that was less obvious, but in the end, we couldn’t resist the obvious choice. All of our clips bring back great memories for us.

Turkey Delights Us from To Uncertainty and Beyond on Vimeo.

7. Did you have any previous filmmaking experience?
We have no prior experience at all. We just figured it out as we went. We definitely aren’t super-knowledgeable about video editing, and we kept it pretty basic.
8. Do you have any tips for other people who are wanting to start making travel videos?
Keep it simple, keep it fun, and choose lively songs. Take a LOT of video clips in every place you go. Every clip doesn’t have to be super interesting, just showing the everyday life of a place is great. Shoot lots of B roll. Our style is to use short clips that keep people interested and entertained. Visitors won’t finish an unedited or lengthy video. Don’t be boring. Everyone can put together short
montages with a little patience.
9. What equipment do you use? Camera? Editing program? Type of computer?
We used a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. We have a wide angle lens and a medium telephoto. We did all of our editing on a MacBook Pro in iMove ’09. Macs are absolutely the way to go for video editing– especially while traveling. Choose your equipment wisely. Netbooks are almost worthless if you have an SLR and completely useless for video editing.
10. Vimeo or Youtube?
We prefer Vimeo because of the higher quality. We would probably get more organic traffic with Youtube, but we find Vimeo to be cleaner.
11. How do you go about promoting your videos? Do you have any suggestions for other people to promote theirs?
We promote our videos on our Facebook fan page, Twitter, our blog and other travel sites. We don’t just mention a new video once, we try to do it multiple times without spamming and being super annoying.

12. How long do you suggest a video should be 2min? 10min? A good length to keep people watching but not bore them?
We try to keep ours between 2 to 4 minutes. Any longer than that and people just don’t finish them. You can view your video’s statistics on Vimeo and see how many times people have loaded, watched, and finished it.
13. All of your videos seem to feature music, is there a specific site that you use that you could recommend to others?

All of the music we use has come from our personal collection. We are both music lovers and have a big collection. We think of the feel that a certain place gave us and listen to some songs that match that feel. We think about the tempo and mood of the song as well. It’s important that the song have a driving rhythm that keeps the video upbeat and interesting. (Editors note: When creating a video you should really try to use creative commons music or music they has permission to use.)
15. The two of you are constantly featured in your videos however we never hear you speak. Was there a reason for this? (ie equipment wise) or was it just an “artistic” decision?
Neither of us are particularly comfortable in front of the camera, but we still wanted people to see US in the videos. We didn’t want to just make narrated travel guides with us describing a scene or telling some history. Those can be some of the most boring travel videos on the web. We like featuring us, but not too much of us. Showing the culture and capturing the feel of a place was our main goal.

Thanks so much for the interview Kimberly and Clark! Good luck on finding the new jobs and we all can’t wait to see you on the road again and watch more awesome videos from you!