Fresh Maui Pineapple by the side of the road

Pineapple has always been a favorite fruit of mine, even after that one time I ate a whole bowl of it for lunch and the acid from it made my tongue raw for a week, I still find it quite tasty. Recently in Maui I took a tour of the Maui Gold Pinepple farm and I finally learned how to eat a pineapple properly. Up until this point I didn’t realize that I was actually eating it the wrong way but now I know.

A pineapple growing in Maui

Follow along with these steps so you to can enjoy your pineapple to the fullest.

1. Buy your pineapple whole from the grocery store with out getting it cored by them. To pick the best one don’t pull on the stem or spikes but rather flick/knock it for your finger and listen to its solid/hollowness. The more hollow it sounds the better. Note that a pineapple doesn’t continue to ripen after it has been picked so judging by the colour being yellow or green won’t help either.

How to eat a pineapple step 2

2. Once you get the pineapple home do not cut off the top rather grab a hold of it and twist it off with your hand.

3. Next stand the pineapple upside down on a plate or in a bowl and let it sit in your fridge for a couple hours or over night. Pineapples grow their whole lives upright so all of the sugar and goodness stays at the bottom. Turning it upside-down like this gets the sugars to flow through the whole fruit and the fridge solidifies them as it becomes cold and cold pineapple is just awesome.

4. When it is time to eat, with a sharp knife be careful and cut off the top, bottom and the sides. If its a really good pineapple you shouldn’t have to core it and the middle won’t be to hard. If you don’t plan on eating it all keep the bottom on and place it back in the fridge upside down again.

A slice of fresh pineapple in Maui


To learn more about my Maui Gold Pineapple Tour stay tuned for my next post!

Did you know how to eat Pineapple properly?