My delicious gelato with Jordi Roca in the background.

Honestly,  you can’t visit Europe without having at least one gelato ice cream, it just isn’t possible. While I toured around Girona, Spain this past September there were gelato places everywhere, like they were following me and calling my name. One day a few blogger friends and I stopped at one specific gelato shop we had seen before and found inside more friends of ours. We then learned that we didn’t just walk into “any old” gelato shop but we had walked into the one and only famous Jordi Roca’s gelato shop Rocambolesc.

Jordi is the youngest of three brothers who together own the second best restaurant in the whole ENTIRE WORLD! The second best! So it goes without saying that this gelato shop must be pretty fantastic.

There were numerous gelato flavors to choose from with even more different toppings that you could pick yourself, however to make sure I had the best I selected from the suggested menu and then ate one of the fanciest gelatos I have ever seen. There was chocolate and caramel, brownie bits, extra sprinkles, chocolate sauce you name it. To die for. And then one of my friends literally asked him to marry her… but thats a story for another time.


Are you a fan of gelato? Where have you had your favourite?