Lobster Dinner – Daily Food Photo

Lobster Dinner - Daily Food Photo

Growing up on the east coast of Canada lobster isn’t that big of a deal to me. I can buy it fresh any time of the year (although prices vary depending on the season). I can purchase it from fishermen on the side of the road, from a specialty seafood shop or from the grocery store. When I have leftovers (yes lobster leftovers) I will eat it in a sandwich the next day. However nonetheless I do love the stuff.

I have heard stories of my mother growing up saying that lobster use to be the poor mans food, it was once in such abundance when she was young. She told me that often the fishermen’s children would come to school with lobster sandwiches and try to trade the other kids in exchange for their ham and cheese sandwiches which they would excitedly trade for.

Since lobster is one of the main things that we are known for, many tourists flock here to dine on a proper lobster dinner at a much more reasonable price then can be find elsewhere around the world. Not only do we have fancy lobster dinners featured at many restaurants but you can find lobster in many different forms. You can find lobster poutine, lobster rolls and even lobster flavoured potato chips.

Now a days in a restaurant you would be lucky to find it for such a good deal as I had it when recently dinning at the Harbour City Bar and Grill in Halifax for their summer special lobster dinner. For $36 you can get a pound and a 1/4 lobster, seafood chowder, mussels and a dessert! A great deal for sure, probably one of the best lobster dinner deals in all of Halifax.

If you happen to find yourself in Halifax I highly recommend trying the lobster at least once.

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    September 13, 2012 at 2:10 am

    Yum! I had no idea lobster was so cheap in Canada.
    Now I have a craving for lobster. I need to find out whether it’s available in Vietnam!

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