Observations from an Australian Grocery Store

Australia has a lot of similarities to Canada which I am sure many of you know. We both speak english, have been ruled by the British, we all watch American TV, eat similar food, yadda, yadda. On my recent visit, I stayed in a friends apartment for 3 weeks and living like a local I often went to the grocery store and although some might say it was almost identical to North American grocery stores I found there were a few different things.

The things that stood out to me the most of course was how they were different from us whether it was how they did things or the different types of food they had. The following is a photo essay of my “observations from an Australian grocery store”.

Ok lets just get the Vegemite out of the way at the start. My most hatred aisle in an Australian grocery store. Vegemite. Blech.

Smart Aussies. Selling steak with the garlic butter all in one! However I’m not so much a fan of butter on meat.

This I think is smart, pizza sauce and tomato sauce in little yogurt jars! Just enough for what you are making, that way a whole bottle of sauce doesn’t go bad for one pizza. Genius.

GYNORMOUS Olive Oil cans! At home all I’ve seen is 4L max container of Olive Oil and I thought that was crazy. Some of these were like 10L!

Lazy much? Meatballs already made for you, just cook. Is it really that hard to roll some meat into a ball with a little spice yourself?

Being a Canadian I loves me some kraft dinner. Typically I don’t stray to far from Orignal, but once in a while I’ll go for sharp cheddar mac’n’cheese. Australians take it up a notch adding bacon flavour and chicken?! I‘ve decided Australians make everything a chicken flavour.

Kanga Bangas! They also have kangaroo kebabs, steaks, rump you name it. How could this be left off my observations. I didn’t see any Koala meat though…. hmmm

They keep their eggs on a shelf and not in the fridge?! What the heck?

Salmon & Lobster spread? Maybe but devilled ham and Chicken & Ham spread? blech!

Crumpets! hehe I just like saying that word. We don’t typically have crumpets (hehehe) at home.

Pet food in the fridge!! Funnily enough right next to the kangaroo meat! Don’t want to get those mixed up!

Gynormous peppers! In Australia they call peppers Capsicum and I was blown away by the size of the red ones. I placed that green pepper there for a point of reference, it was a normal sized green pepper. Bananas.

This concludes my observations from an Australian Grocery store. When you travel do you ever visit grocery stores just to see what stuff is different?

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    May 25, 2013 at 8:37 pm

    This is pretty funny – when I was living in Toronto last Summer, I could so have done a similar post! So many little things were just puzzling, and different!

    • Reply
      Cailin O'Neil
      July 4, 2013 at 9:00 pm

      @Tash: Every time I’m in a new country I can’t wait to visit the grocery store now. Just recently I saw some really interesting things in Croatia! Mega cheap beer too! Yum! haha

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