It’s the end of my first full day in South Africa and pretty much all I did toady in Johannesburg was eat way to much delicious food and have a massage… not a bad day if I do say so myself. One of the tastiest things that I ate today was a new kind of animal meat for me called “Springbok” at the Four SeasonsĀ Westcliff Hotels Polo Bar . In Afrikaans Springbok means Jump Antelope and thats exactly what it is, a jumping Antelope. The meat tasted very lean, cooked to a “medium” state served with grapes and a couple tasty sauces, one hot and one savoury along with its own douse of BBQ sauce, it almost melted in my mouth. Springbok is a common dish served in South Africa and other areas of the continent and is something you should definitely try if you get the chance.

Whats the craziest African animal you have ever had a bite of?