Vine food videos

I have recently started using the new app Vine to create quick 6 second videos of my travels and of course like with every other app and social media tool, my daily life. Thousands are joining up and just like instagram many are now not just photographing but filming their food!

Here are a few Vine food mashups that you might enjoy:

(note: for some you may want to turn the audio on in the top left of the image)

A popular theme on instagram is before and after food photos and now with Vine people can capture the whole eating process in a time-lapse.

Chef and food host Andrew Zimmern shows us how to make a pot roast.

  The stuff YellDesign does on Vine is literally out of this world.


Such a pretty plating but it doesn’t last long!

Learn how to make peacan nut brownies in 6 seconds!

What do you think of the Vine app? Are you a fan? 

If you have some cool Vine food videos that you would like me to check out and possibly feature here please leave a comment below.

Stay tuned for more Vine videos from my travels!

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