I know what you are thinking “Can that even be considered a food?” Well… there is rice and seaweed attached to it so lets just say that yes, yes it can.

Spam has been around for ages (since 1937) and I’ve learned it is actually a favourite of some Hawaiians (they consume the most per capita in the US), this makes me think of my friend Candice and her love for Vienna sausage and other similar things.

However making it sushi is just taking it to a whole other out of this world level. But it exists, and I know this because I tried it just the other day at Genki Sushi in Seattle.

It was meaty… and salty… and honestly not that horrible… yes my taste palate has a long way to grow…

Also known as spam musubi it can apparently be found all over Hawaii.

Have you ever tried it? Would you ever try it?